Samsung to open app store in September


The Seoul, Korea-based company is following the footsteps of other handset makers and will be opening its Samsung Application Store in Italy, in the U.K, and France on September 14.

Samsung has a beta version of their app store available in Britain since February but now the company is ready to face competition head on and plans to make their app store available to more than 30 countries, including Spain and Germany.

The app store currently houses 300 apps, but Samsung assures customers that they will be having more than 2,000 apps by the end of the year.

But with a lot of competition already waiting for them, including Apple’s App Store, Nokia’s Ovi Store, Palm’s App Catalog, RIM’s App World for BlacBerry, and even LG’s Application Store, it’s definitely going to be a rough ride.

“Samsung has to carve out, in the eyes of the customer, the value of its mobile-application store, and that has yet to be determined,” IDC analyst Ramon Llamas said. “Plus, going into the holiday season, a lot of other companies are rolling out some very compelling devices.”

It’s a start though. And like they say, it’s better late than never. 🙂