Nokia to release their own Netbooks?


It seems like more and more companies are reaching over new territories nowadays with computer makers now invading the mobile phone market. Acer has already announced that they will be developing their own smartphones. Rumors are also circulating that Dell has followed suit and is now working on a mobile phone.

Well, Nokia is also planning something, but they’re doing it the other way around.

The world’s largest maker of cell phones isn’t satisfied with just making mobile phones now that other tech markets are becoming more and more lucrative – the Netbook market to be exact.

Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasyuo has told reporters at a press even in India that “the PC and the mobile will continue to come closer and merge,” the Economic Times report.

He said that the company is looking at the Netbook market to see what kind of opportunity is there.”

This news doesn’t come as a big surprise because for a certain period now, the company has slowly been developing more and more models geared more towards providing mobile Internet. Even their newest smartphone, the N97, is being marketed as a “mobile computer”.

Will it a long wait for us? We’ll certainly be keeping a lookout for this development! 🙂