No syndicating employees for Google and Apple


Well, that was when Google CEO Eric Schmidt was still a member of Apple’s board.

The two giant companies are said to have a kind of unspoken truce on the subject of poaching each other employees before.

According to TechCrunch, unnamed sources that there’s no formal, written agreement that exists and individual employees of either company are allowed to apply at the other. However, the two companies said that they would not “actively pursue” and poach the employees of each other’s workers.

We are left to wonder now that Schmidt is no longer at Apple’s board. Would they still keep their hands off each other’s top talented engineers and other creative workers?

If they did, it wouldn’t be the first time though that the companies are involved, albeit in separate cases.. In 2005, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Google after the latter hired Kai Fu Lee from Microsoft. Last year, IBM sued Mark Papermaster for violating the terms of noncompete agreement to stop him for joining Apple. The two companies eventually settled and Papermaster started working with Apple six months later.