Fake ATM at Defcon discovered


If you ever have plans on doing an Ocean’s Eleven kind of thing, and you want to do it with a fake ATM, and you want to succeed, make sure that (a) You don’t plant your fake ATM right beside the security office and you (b) don’t do it at Defcon (for cryin’ out loud!).

But clearly, somebody did plant a cash machine just by the security office at Defcon 17 held at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas last July 31. And of course, to no one’s surprise, their very brilliant plan failed.

The fake ATM was really made up. It came complete with a functional screen, a card reader to skim data and a PC inside. Lots of people placed their cards in it, got an error message and just moved on to look for a working machine.

So how was it discovered? One of the attendees of the security conference noticed that the glass over the camera was too dark – meaning it would have been impossible for the camera to capture any decent image. And so, the attendee used his flashlight to peer through the glass, expecting to see a camera, or at least the insides of the ATM. But instead, all he saw was a PC which clearly meant something bad.

Police were immediately called to the scene and the fake ATM is now forever gone.

So again, if you don’t want your efforts wasted, don’t copy whoever thought of this scam coz they clearly aren’t the brightest kind. 😉