Another exploding iPhone injures owner


Yassine Bouhadi, a 26-year-old supermarket security guard from the southeastern town of Villevielle got the shock of his life when instead of receiving a reply from a text message he was writing, he received a facefull of glass.

The glass shards came from the iPhone screen that exploded and a shard hit the Frenchman in one eye.

“I want an explanation about this damned telephone,” Boudahi said after the incident Monday afternoon. He said he was “very angry” and planed to consult a doctor about his eye, and file suit for damages.

The consumer affairs and fraud watchdog DGCCRF said Tuesday that it had already conducted an investigation earlier this month after a French teenager also suffered an eye injury after a similar iPhone exploding incident.

A few weeks before the two French cases, an iPod Touch, who was owned by an 11-year-old girl in Britain also exploded.

But don’t think that these exploding gadgets only happen in Europe. A US television station reported last month that an “alarming number” of iPods had burst into flames caused by an overheated lithium ion batteries.

Instead of insisting that the exploding iPhone cases are just “isolated incidents” or shushing the people involved in the “accidents”, doesn’t Apple think it’s seriously high time that it addresses the situation and actually do something to fix this exploding tendency of their products?