Stainless-style TV for you kitchen


Pastel mugs and pastel plates? Check.

Mahogany dining tables and mahogany chairs? Check.

Stainless kitchen counter and stainless TV? Check.

Yup, you read that right. The most popular kitchen accent – stainless steel – is the look of the new Toshiba TV. If you’re the type who wants everything matched, you can now pair your kitchen appliances with their Stainless Style model which will be available on September.

The 19LV612U comes with a metallic styling (it’s not actually stainless steel but definitely looks like one) and has a built-DVD player. It has a decent 19-inch LCD and also comes with these specs as reported by ZDNet: an HDMI input, component-video port, and built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM digital tuners. The DVD player also supports DivX-format discs. Now that’s what I call cooking in style!

Toshiba announces that their Stainless Style combo unit will be sold for $349.99. What do you think of the price?