New LED-backlit LCD HDTV unveiled from Sharp


Sharp introduces its first LED sets from its Aquos line of HDTVs and is now available in the market at mainstream prices.

Sets using LED backlights improve black-level performance and uses less power when compared to those sets that use fluorescent-tubes. LG and Vizio has already realeased their own sets using this new technology, giving consumers more alternatives since LED backlighting used to be limited only to pricey sets such as Samsung and Sony.

One feature that this new set offers is the Aquos Advantage Live. This allows a Sharp customer service rep to remotely adjust the customer’s TV settings while on the phone with him or her.

The new models come in four sizes: the 32-inch LC-32LE700UN ($1,099.99), 40-inch LC-40LE700UN ($1,699.99), 46-inch LC-46LE700UN ($2,199.99), and 52-inch LC-52LE700UN ($2,799.99).

I doubt if it will take long before using LED backlighting becomes a standard feature on most LCDs and prices for these babies won’t be too high by then.