iPhone’s new competitor


T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G is now open for pre-orders and will be available starting August 5. The phone, which was announced by the company last month, is the second smartphone the carrier has introduced which uses Android, Google’s open-source mobile operating system.

MyTouch is thinner and slightly smaller that the G1 (the world’s first Google Android phone which came out last fall from the same carrier) and has a 3.2-inch touch screen. This phone also has 3G and Wi-Fi support and boasts pre-installed applications including integrated Google Apps. Users can also access the Android Market where they can browse the 5,0000 apps available for download.

Personalization is what they claim to have an edge over the iPhone. According to T-Mobile executives, no two MyTouches will be the same since users can customize their phones based on their own needs and lifestyles. Not only can they download applications, they can also make changes on their unit’s home screen such as change its background and even organize application icons on it.

Also, because the phone uses the Android software, users can easily switch between multiply applications that are open on the device and allows information from one application to be fed or viewed in another application.

“It will appeal to the same consumers that are interested in the iPhone,” said Denny Post, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at T-Mobile USA. “But the applications used on this phone won’t be just for show. They won’t simply be a novelty. Instead they will be very useful and purposeful.”

Ouch. Let’s hear what Apple has to say to that.