iPhone app developer frustrated with Apple


How do you get your app approved in the App Store? Or a better question would be, what do you do to make your app stay in the App Store?

The answer would be uhm – who knows?

Probably the Apple guys, that’s for sure. But for the app developer whose application was pulled out after it was already in the App Store for the past four months, he’d have to try better than talking on the phone with Apple’s representatives.

Riverturn’s VoiceCentral application integrates Google’s GrandCentral and Google Voice with the iPhone. It was submitted and approved by Apple. He released updates, and they too were approved. But why was it pulled out?

The removing of the app was done shortly after Apple rejected Google’s Voice app for the iPhone last Tuesday. Perhaps this was the warning bell?

Most upsetting part for the developer however, is that he couldn’t get helpful answers from Apple. In a telephone conversation with the Apple representative who was tasked to inform him about the app being removed, the most common answer from the rep seemed to be “I can’t say.” A blog was posted on Riverturn’s website paraphrasing the call, and here’s an excerpt:

Me (Riverturn): “Can you tell me what portions of the app were duplicate features?”

Richard: “I can’t go into granular detail.”

Me: “Is there something we can change or alter in order to regain compliance and get back in the Store?”

Richard: “I can’t say.”

Me: “Well if we can’t figure out the issue then how will we know whether to resubmit the app. And how will we know whether to invest in any other development efforts? Future apps could be impacted.”

Richard: “I can’t help you with that”

This Richard guy seems pretty chatty, don’t you think? 😉

Oh, the worst part? The developer is now being asked for refund requests from customers. Apparently, Apple gets to keep its 30 percent commission, while the developer has to refund the full amount to whoever bought the app.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-10299755-37.html


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