Apple has had enough with “jailbreakers”


Who wouldn’t want to have more apps, even the “unauthorized” ones, on their iPhones? More options, more usability, more fun! And so far, doing this is still legal and Apple can’t do anything to stop you from doing it.

The company however, is not taking this sitting down. They have been pressing federal agencies to make jailbreaking illegal. They have recently filed comments with the U.S. Copyright Office (DMCA) stating that the act of jailbreaking your iPhone constitutes copyright violation and can even pose a major security issue.

In response to DMCA’ query as to why they think jailbreaking constitutes a copywrite violation, Apple said that unlocked phones “could potentially allow hackers to remotely crash cell towers, initiate a DOS (Denial of Service) attack and in the worst case scenario, render the cell tower to an useless monolith for considerable amount of time”, TechTree reports.

Also, according to Apple, jailbreaking may cause the phone to be unstable, susceptible to malware and privacy breach and overall degradation in the quality of the cellular network. Lastly, the company claims that jailbreaking lead to the “discouragement of innovation, and damage to Apple’s brand and to its relationship with developers.”

The copyright office is expected to have their final ruling sometime in October.

What do you think? Did Apple give enough justifications?