Funny or Die app soon on iPhone


Get ready to laugh your socks off! A mobile app for comedic video site Funny or Die will soon be available for your iPhones.

To those who are unaware of this site, Funny or Die is website founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s production company, Gary Sanchez Productions that features original and user generated comedy video content. It also shows exclusive materials from a number of famous contributors as well as a Funny or Die Team (FOD Team) that creates original mat for the site.

Babelgum, a web content platform, announced yesterday that they have an exclusive deal with Funny or Die to allow videos on mobile apps like the iPhone. The contract would last for two years.

The license agreement also allows Babaelgum to integrate Funny or Die videos into the comedy channel of Babelgum apps as well as feature a section dedicated to FOD on its online comedy channel, CNet reports.

Alhough Babelgum hasn’t yet revealed when they will submit the software to Apple, be sure to keep a lookout for in the App Store.