Face recognition app for iPhone soon


Face recognition app for iPhone soon

Yup, Apple’s apps keeps getting cooler. The US Patent and Trademark Office published 33 new Apple patent applications yesterday – that’s 55 all in all, just for the month of July.

Among the apps included are flexible cabling, scrolling lyrics, and yup, two other fillings that are directly camera-related. So I guess the rumor going around the mill that iPod Touch will now have a camera is not far from becoming a reality.

The first app focuses on object identification targeted specifically for handhelds while the second app focuses on face recognition whose reach extend beyond your pocket.

The object identification filling as described by a blog from ComputerWorld is a “system in which a handheld’s camera captures an image of an object either in visual light or infrared, then compares that image with information stored over a network. The network then asks the you what information about that object you’d like to download, then provides it.”

The face recognition filling on the other hand “describes two different systems: one that merely checks for a face – any face – and a second that matches what it sees with a database of whom it knows.”

The system they say, can recognize its owner and thus, allowing you more access on the phone compared to others who just say, borrowed it from you.

Talk about cool, huh?