1TB and 750GB notebook drives now available!


If you’re like me who loves storing videos, pictures, installers and what-nots and hates having to delete even a single thing, then you’d be also overjoyed to be reading this news.

Western digital has just released today its new 1-Tbyte and 750-Gbyte WD Scorpio Blue 2.5-inch internal SATA hard drives.

These drives are in the 12.5-mm form factor, which means they can fit in notebooks and small factor desktops. These babies have a very high performance transfer rate of 3GB per second.

If you want to purchase them as internal drives, the 750GB WD Scorpio Blue is available for $189.99 and its 1TB counterpart is available for $249.99.

They can also be purchased as external USB 2.0 drives as part of WD’s Passport Essential SE line. The 750GB drive is sold for 199.99 and the 1TB drive costs $299.99. They have WD features like WhisperDrive for quiet use, drop resistant ShockGuard, and SecurePark for more shock tolerance.

Don’t expect for these large-scale memory drives to be available in netbooks though because it’s still too expensive and they wouldn’t fit in them either. L