Zoe: Personal Anti-Aging Sonic Device

Sonic devices have been around for some time, but those who envy the freshly scrubbed look of Nordic beauties should definitely try out Zoe made by Qyksonic. The Zoe with its minimalist petal-shaped design fits ergonomically into your palm. Made of hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone that is resistant to germs, you get quite a jolt when turning on the device for the first time. For such a small device, it packs a lot of power which can be turned up or down to suit your preferences. If you are accustomed to using facial brushes with bristles that can stiffen over time, you can definitely tell that facial care with Zoe will be a more gentle and relaxing experience.

Those who live a fast-paced life but are uncompromising about personal wellness will love the simple design, ease of use, battery life, and the smooth, satiny feel of the skin even just after one use.

“Cleanses, massages, and Applies – zoe gives you the glow”

The Zoe has basically 3 functions using the 3 areas of the Zoe:

The front (with the label) has softer, shorter bristles and rounded tips. The gadget is applied using circular motions on skin that has been prepped with cleanser. Unlike when using your own fingers, you won’t keep on rubbing (and over-sloughing) to remove exfoliated skin and deep-down dirt. The gentle pressure from the silicone bristles bring up dirt easily to the surface and allows the cleansing effects to go deeper breaking-up the “glue” between old and dying surface cells. There are no hard-to-reach areas as Zoe’s tip can reach the nook and crannies around the nose and eyes. The strength and speed of the sonic pulses can be increased or decrease by pressing on the (+) and (-) points on either side of the On/Off button. There are 15 intensities to customize your experience. Upon rinsing, skin feels clean, smooth, and supple without feeling taut. Best of all, unlike the fine bristles of other sonic brushes that become the depository of germs and molds, even when well-maintained, the Zoe does not spread germs and does not create abrasions that can get infected.

For facial rejuvenation, the back of the Zoe with it’s longer bristles is used. Gentle outward and upward motions stimulate pressure points. Pretty much like acupressure, this allows the ‘chi’ or energy to circulate. In Western medicine, this means that circulation of blood and lymph flow is increased. Similar to spa specials, skin is rejuvenated by better nourishment from within, by way of the oxygen and nutrients that the blood cells carry to the skin’s outer layer. By opening up pores, it allows anti-aging ingredients of moisturizers and serums to get to the cells so products are absorbed better leaving skin radiant, rosy and better-hydrated. Even eyebags appear diminished and jawlines less saggy!

The tip of the Zoe works great for applying cosmeceuticals because it does not breed germs, unlike fingers that can contaminate pots of creams. Freshly rinsed, the tip can be used to apply these rich emollients while keeping them fresh for a longer time. With prices what they are for high-end products, it certainly makes sense and cents to prolong your beauty product’s shelf-life by not unduly adulterating with skin-borne germs.

The Zoe is fast-charging and can be used up to 300 times on a single full charge. Almost too good to be true! This makes it extremely portable to carry around for all-day freshness wherever you are. However, the ultimate cool is that there is are no brush heads to change and none to clean. Simply rinse and it’s good to go. However, remember that good skin doesn’t begin and end with the face. So go ahead and use it on your neck and on patches where you have dry or peeling skin.

$149 for almost an infinite period of spa-like care and the convenience of your mother’s soap-and-water routine is so perfect-suited to today’s busy lifestyle (even if you’ve had Botox and Fillers)!


Garena Releases New Champion for League of Legends

For those League of Legend players out there, it’s time to be happy because they just released the latest addition to their line of champions: ZOE.

As a League of Legends player myself, each new champion excites me and I would wait for my rest day to buy and try it out. Zoe is known to have feelings for Ezreal and is Lux’s rival. But is she all that? Let’s take a peek at the newest champion.

Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight

Zoe may look like a child but don’t be deceived by looks. She can also be a pain in the head like the other champions so let’s talk about her abilities. First is her Passive, it’s called More Sparkles. After Zoe casts a spell, her basic attack deals bonus damage.

Her First skill (Q) is called Paddle Star. This is a skill where Zoe fires a star that deals magic damage. She can re-cast the skill mid-flight to redirect the star to a new position.  The farther the star is, the bigger the damage it makes to the enemy. Zoe’s Second skill (W) is Spell Thief. For an extended period of time, enemy drop spells and Zoe can pick them up. Some minions also carry spells or any active item.

Third skill (E) is called Sleepy Trouble Bubble. This is the skill where Zoe throws a bubble which hits the first target. For a duration of time, the hit target will be drowsy until it falls asleep. An asleep enemy champion can’t move or cast a skill. Last but definitely not the least, her Ultimate skill (R) which is portal jump. She briefly teleport to a targeted position and teleport back.


I have already been playing Zoe in Mid and as a Support but I’d go for the Support role. It’s a bit hard to harass as Zoe when you play mid but it’s a great setter if you play support.

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