Sharp to Acquire Toshiba PC Business for 36 Million

Toshiba has agreed to relinquish its PC business to Sharp as the former exits the PC market.

Toshiba and Sharp

Toshiba has finally put up the white flag for its PC business as it sells it to Sharp.

The deal, worth four billion yen (or about $36 million), also includes the issuance of $1.8 billion in new shares by Sharp to buy back stock from banks.

Toshiba was the first company ever to introduce a notebook PC back in 1985 and were the leaders in the market. But with the birth of smartphones and tablets, PCs went in the backseat. The company used to sell as many as 17 million PCs a year. Now, they sell as little as 1.4 million units last year.

The company also got into more trouble when Westinghouse Electric, its nuclear power division, went bankrupt. Toshiba lost $9 billion.

For consumers however, this is not the end of its PCs. Sharp actually wants to breathe new life to this technology. Now that the former is owned by Foxconn, Sharp can take focus on producing more affordable computers.

The Osaka-based company is so confident with its acquisition of Toshiba that the former issued $1.8 billion in new shares to buy back preferred stock from banks.

Sharp is expected to wrap up the acquisition in October this year.

Windows 8 based tablets set to topple the iPad

Are we ready for the impending tech wars?

The iPad is known to be the leader of the tablet market and has left its competition to pick up the remnants of its wrath. Now, Acer Inc., Toshiba Corp and Asustek Computer Inc. are set to reveal their tablets running on Microsoft’s new OS, the Windows 8.

In their effort to have a bigger piece of the pie, the three companies are pumped up with impending release of their own tablets.

Acer will unveil their version at the Computex show in Taipei. Toshiba, on the other hand, will show their tablet and a notebook-type device on that same event. Asustek will publicize their tablets with a detachable keyboard (like their Prime models) during the same show.

The annual Computex event gives developers that chance to show their prototypes before it is released to the public.

Currently, tablets that run in Android and iOS are the ones lording over the market (they have a combined 91% of the market share).

These Windows 8 tablets will be the first of its kind since it will feature processors that use ARM Holdings Plc (ARM) technology. This is a chip developed by Qualcomm Inc., Texas Instruments Inc. and Nvidia Corp.

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Fuel cell for mobiles from Toshiba

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If you’re one of those guys who need their phones constantly glued to their bodies for business or er- pleasure, you might consider getting this one, or at least when it becomes available in the U.S.

Toshiba Corp. will begin shipping its new fuel cells that can power cellular phones and laptops next week in Japan.

Dubbed the Dynario, this direct methanol fuel cell that converts wood alcohol and water into an electric current of up 5 Volts DC power at 400mAto can triple most of your cell phone’s battery juice. And what’s even better? It can be recharged in seconds. How cool is that?

Toshiba’s palm-sized fuel cell wil run on methanol packaged in cartridges which are sold separately. It is available in Japan for 29,800 yen or $328 while each set of five fuel cartridges is sold for 3,150 yen or $35 dollars.


Fujitsu gives up hard-drive business to Toshiba

Well, its finally done. Fujitsu and Toshiba announced today that they completed the transfer of the former’s hard-drive business to Toshiba, specifically to their subsidiary company called Toshiba Storage Device Corp. (TSDC).

Toshiba now owns 80 percent of TSDC while Fujitsu has 20 percent of the share. By the end of next year however, Fujitsu will turn over its remaining 20 percent share to Toshiba. TSDC hopes to complete hard-drive sales of $6.7 billion by its fiscal year ending March 2012.

The agreement between the two companies was first announced last February.


Stainless-style TV for you kitchen

Pastel mugs and pastel plates? Check.

Mahogany dining tables and mahogany chairs? Check.

Stainless kitchen counter and stainless TV? Check.

Yup, you read that right. The most popular kitchen accent – stainless steel – is the look of the new Toshiba TV. If you’re the type who wants everything matched, you can now pair your kitchen appliances with their Stainless Style model which will be available on September.

The 19LV612U comes with a metallic styling (it’s not actually stainless steel but definitely looks like one) and has a built-DVD player. It has a decent 19-inch LCD and also comes with these specs as reported by ZDNet: an HDMI input, component-video port, and built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM digital tuners. The DVD player also supports DivX-format discs. Now that’s what I call cooking in style!

Toshiba announces that their Stainless Style combo unit will be sold for $349.99. What do you think of the price?


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