The Dark Knight Rises game released by Gameloft

Game developer Gameloft has released a new game coinciding with the theatrical release.

The Dark Knight Rises game by Gameloft can now be downloaded by followers of the movie franchise. Gameloft has developed a game for both iOS and Android users.

An official from Gameloft said, “Dozens of missions plus random events will make you feel all the thrill of being a superhero. Deal with hostage situations, bomb squads, jailbreaks and car chases to prove that you’re the true protector of Gotham.”

Fans of Batman will be treated to a marvelous game, just like the fans of Hearthstone were thrilled to play the new expasions. Gamers will have access to the cape crusader’s full inventory, including Batman’s vehicles and choice of weaponry.

The Dark Knight Rises game has a size of 1.8GB for both Android and iOS devices. So make sure to free up some space in your device.

The Dark Knight Rises film is the third installment of the Christian Bale starred Batman. It is rumored to be the final movie for the franchise.
Batman’s nemesis for the film is the powerful Bane.

Reviews of the film have been mixed, but the majority said that it was excellent.

So if you’re one of those who want to experience battling evil with bare hands and exceptional gadgets, make sure you download The Dark Knight Rises!

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Nokia unveils 3D Gotham map just in time for release of TDKR

Nokia is once again teaming up with Batman, as they give the latter’s fans an interactive way to roam around Gotham City through a 3D rendering of the city.

Nokia has teamed up with the movie franchise and is set to continue with their tie-up, as they launch an exclusive ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ app for its Lumia line of smartphones, along with an engraved Batman Crusader’s symbol at the back of the device for their limited edition Nokia Lumia 900 TDKR device.

This will enable ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ fans to see what Gotham is like.

On Nokia’s YouTube channel, they give a sneak peak showing Gotham City within a 3D Nokia Maps interface, including landmarks Arkham Asylum and the Wayne Tower.

The Dark Knight Rises will be launched two weeks away from now and this news would surley bolster the popularity of the movie franchise.

Unfortunately, there is no official word yet on when the application will be unveiled or be made available to fans.

This is one way for Nokia to entice their former fans who have swapped their Nokia handsets for iPhones or Android powered devices.

Are we going to see a Nokia revolution soon? What’s your take on this?

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Nokia Lumia 900 Batman edition

European Batman aficionados may soon be getting their hands on the latest ultra-limited edition Batman-branded Nokia Lumia 900 in a few weeks from now.

This matte black Nokia Lumia 900 has a Batman logo that is etched in the polycarbonate frame. This smartphone is eyed to boost the latest The Dark Knight Rises’ popularity.

Phones 4u will be distributing the phones in UK, Germany and France. Unfortunately, no figures have been released as to how many Nokia Lumia 900 Batman editions will be released to the market.

This is Nokia’s second team up with the movie franchise as they also released a Nokia Lumia 800 that was stuck on a Batman costume last December.

Nokia only made 40 devices that feature the Nokia Lumia 800 Batman edition. Techradar reports that they are expecting a higher number of Nokia Lumia 900 that will feature this edition.

The launch of this new limited edition line from Nokia signifies the strong bond between the Finnish phone maker and the movie franchise.

Previous Dark Knight films featured Nokia handsets like the Nokia 5800 that were equipped with sonar which was used in past film. Will we see the Nokia Lumia 900 in The Dark Knight Rises? We shall soon find out.

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