Survey says majority of Americans tend to share too much on the Web

Majority of American adults or about 90% of them say that people tend to share too much information on the Web.

The usual complaint by people is that people tend to complain too much, followed by unwanted private information and over-the-top photographs.

The huge number of those who are troubled by these posts are shocking enough because people can easily hide or even dismiss these types of posts. Instead, people tend to choose to be offended and complain about the problem.

This may be because of the fact that individuals tend to hide away from the fact that we are the problem. 85% of American adults share information online. Majority of those being shared are photographs. Family and friends photos are probably harmless, but those drunken stupor images and accidents still populate the Web and these types of posts irate individuals.

According to a survey by Intel, 46% of American adults do not think that they would not know anything about their friends and family without the help of social networking sites and sharing information online. 33% of American adults on the other hand feel more comfortable sharing information online than in person.

So what does this say about the current situation?


Facebook posts may lead to burglary

Is there such a thing as Facebook privacy?

Well, about 13 million individuals still ask this question without any answer being provided to them either by the site or friends. This data is according to the June issue of Consumer Reports magazine.

The report also indicated that about 28% of individuals who were polled by the magazine shared almost all of their wall posts beyond their immediate friends.

The magazine was able to uncover this information by Facebook users. And mind you, the survey was only done in US and not the whole world. This means that number will only rise if you include global figures.

About 4.8 million Facebook users have posted details about their plans for the day. This information can alert criminals and could deal significant damage to the user’s home or to him or her. There have been incidents that criminals use this certain information to rob homes.

The study also included in the survey that would point out to insurance companies using that information against them. They found out that about 4.7 million individuals Liked a certain Facebook page that deals about health conditions or treatments for a certain condition.

This survey highlights the problem Facebook users have when they neglect their privacy on social networking sites.

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Texting still popular among teens

What’s the most popular mode of communication? Is it texting or is it calling the other directly?

Well, according to a survey done by the Pew Internet Research Center, American teenagers prefer texting rather than talking on their devices or landlines. The average number of texts per day is 60 up from 50 back in 2009.

According to research specialist at Pew Amanda Lenhart, “Teens are fervent communicators. Straddling childhood and adulthood, they communicate frequently with a variety of important people in their lives: friends, and peers, parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, and a myriad of other adults and institutions.”

About 800 teens ages 12 to 19 were the subject of the survey. The findings that were concluded also involved the ones who lead the resurgence of text messaging. According to the survey, older teens, boys and African Americans are the ones leading the increase.

Of those who were surveyed, only 6 percent said that they use email to communicate with their peers.

Talking over the phone, may it be a landline or a cellphone, has been decreasing over the years. 14 percent of teens said that they use their landlines to talk to their friends. A drop of 30 percent since 2009. While 31 percent said that they don’t use the landline to talk to their peers. 26 percent of teens speak with their friends on their cellphones which is down 38 percent since 2009.

Google tops list of most visited sites for 2011

This year was another banner year for search engine giant Google. And according to the market research giant Nielsen, Google came out on top of all the websites as the top internet destinations this year.

According to the report, Google had 153.4 million unique visitors per month on the average. While Facebook, who by the way came in second, only had 137.6 million.

With 130.1 million unique visitors monthly, Yahoo came in at 3rd. Microsoft’s WindowsLive/Bing/MSN and YouTube completed the top 5.

Here is a complete breakdown of the top 10 with their corresponding average monthly unique visitors:

  1. Google 153,441,000

  2. Facebook 137,644,000

  3. Yahoo! 130,121,000

  4. MSN/WindowsLive/Bing 115,890,000

  5. YouTube 106,692,000

  6. Microsoft 83,691,000

  7. AOL Media Network 74,633,000

  8. Wikipedia 62,097,000

  9. Apple 61,608,000

  10. Ask Search Network 60,552,000

Nielsen also added that Facebook is the most preferred social networking site by the Americans having about 137,6444,000 unique monthly visitors per month. While Blogger was the most preferred blog site in the U.S.. Twitter followed Facebook and WordPress came in second after Blogger.

There was no surprise when Nielsen revealed that YouTube lorded over its rivals. The video sharing website topped the list with 111,152,000 average unique video viewers per month. It was followed by VEVO who lagged behind YouTube with 34,580,000.

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