Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium’s 4K Display

The 4K Display Of Sony’s Xperia XZ2 Premium

Sony’s Xperia XZ2 Premium is back with a 4K display. The Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium with 4K display has a camera built for extreme low-light shooting. The newest Sony phone came two months after the unveiling of the Xperia XZ2.

The Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

The Xperia XZ2 Premium retains the over all design of the XZ2. Except for the upgrades. The XZ2 Premium has upgrades on display, camera, battery, and other specs. But no headphone jack still. The Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium will be available in the market this summer. Its price is not known yet. But an unlocked Xperia XZ2 costs $800. So the Xperia XZ2 premium might cost around $900 up to $1000.

Other Information On The Xperia XZ2 Premium
The XZ2 Premium has a 4K 5.8 inch display. It supports HDR video. You will notice the vibration system that debuted on the XZ2 when you listen to music, or play games. It is meant to provide a rumble effect to match whatever is happening on the screen.

But the upgrade that XZ2 Premium boasts is the upgrade on its camera. It has two cameras around back. This is a first for Sony. Instead of a zoom or telephoto lens, Sony is splitting image capture between one 19-megapixel color sensor and a 12-megapixel monochrome. This approach has been taken by several Android makers like Huawei. But Sony is trying to standout and best everyone in ISO performance.

The XZ2 Premium can reach a maximum of 51,200 when shooting stills. Videos go as high as 12,800. Sony claims it “AUBE fusion image signal processor” can combine the data from both sensors, optimize for low light, and reduce noise so you can get usable results.

The dual camera system will also have a portrait feature. Sony simply calls it the Bokeh mode. It will let you shoot using only the monochrome sensor for crisp, detailed, black and white shots.

The XZ2 Premium can record 960fps slow-mo video at 1080p resolution. Other improvements on the XZ2 Premium include RAM (now 6GB), battery capacity (3,540mAh), and a sharper front-facing camera.

Sony Xperia: New Teaser Video Hints Mysterious Phone at MWC


Rumors have it that Sony is likely to unveil a new Sony Xperia phone at the Mobile World Congress this month. This new speculation surfaced after Sony released a new teaser video.


Avid Sony users spotted the teaser video in a tweet posted by the official Xperia account. Details sourced from the video show that a hand and ripples cascading down. This hints  that a device will be announced come February 26.


Sony hints new Xperia phone to be unveiled at MWC

But gadget enthusiasts claim that Sony’s leaked and promotional videos indicate that Sony is expected to debut a new flagship at this year’s MWC. They have not named the new phone, but they are certain that it would be added to the Sony Xperia product lines.


Obviously, Sony is good at building a product anticipation. While most of the people are checking Samsung Galaxy s9, Nokia, among others. Previous years, the company had missed and hit regarding launching their devices in the competitive market.


One of Sony’s best strategy to keep a captured market is to cast a wide net. By doing so, they would be able to know who among the customers are taking a bait. Hence, Sony is launching several devices and eventually know what device is doing well.


Having said that, what we know so far is that Sony would likely announce a new Sony Xperia XZ2at the MW. And as expected, the company’s new flagship would have powerful features.

No Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for Sony Xperia Play

Bad news for Xperia Play owners, as Sony said that they will not be upgrading the PlayStation phone’s OS to the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to a blog post by Sony, “After extensive in-house testing with our developer teams and working with our partners, we have concluded that a consistent and stable experience, particularly with gaming, cannot be guaranteed for this smartphone on Ice Cream Sandwich. Therefore, we will not make the Android 4.0 upgrade available for Xperia Play.”

This comes to light after Sony said that they will be upgrading all their smartphones released last year with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich.

The company says that they’ve excluded the Xperia Play from the upgrade because developers, testers and game content providers had the same feedback after they tested the beta version of Xperia Play smartphones with Android 4.0 OS installed on it.

Sony added, “Our priority has and always will be, to provide the best possible user experience on Xperia smartphones. In this insctance the ICS upgrade would have compromised stability, where we look to ensure a quality gaming experience with games optimized and developed for Xperia Play.”

Other Sony devices such as Xperia arc S, Xperia ray and Xperia V already got their upgrades last month and will soon have the latest Android 4.0.4 version soon.

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