On the rumor mill: Firefox soon on Sony PS3

PS3Wouldn’t it be better if Sony’s PS3 to have much more decent web browser?

Well, that possibility might not be that far behind. A post from the PlayStation Insider says the creators of the PS3 might be doing a deal with Mozilla to incorporate Firefox on the device.

We recently received a tip from a source very close to Sony who says that they have been in talks with Mozilla lately about possibly porting firefox over to the PS3. That said, our source made sure to point out that they were unsure if any deal had actually been reached at this point, but it is great news none the less considering the complaints Sony has been getting about the lack of reliability with their current built in PS3 web browser. Throwing firefox into the mix would give PS3 the ultimate advantage when it came to internet functionality.
True? We sure hope so. 🙂

Source: http://psinsider.e-mpire.com/index.php?categoryid=17&m_articles_articleid=1447

Facebook now on PS3 via firmware update

Credit: DeviceMag

If you’re a PS3 gamer AND a Facebook addict, start smiling now coz the new Firmware 3.10 has just been released.

“Launching Facebook for the PlayStation community is a natural fit for our goal of delivering unparalleled connected experiences – from connecting our community to each other to connecting our customers to great entertainment downloaded from the PlayStation Store,” Susan Panico, senior director of PlayStation Network, said in the press release from Sony.

“As we pass the third anniversary of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network, we’re excited to deepen the social experiences of PlayStation Network and kick-off the first phase of our integration with Facebook.”

With Firmware 3.10, owners of device can now “brag to friends about their domination as a gamer”. The update also lets gamers share information with their friends in Facebook on games they just purchased and even share unlocked trophies everytime they sync their Trophies.

Game developers also have something to smile about. With the system update, they can now set up “trigger points” in their games, providing PS3 system users  the option to publish game-related info on their Facebook pages.

“We’re excited to connect Facebook’s 300 million active users with the PlayStation 3, enabling players to connect and share their game experiences with friends,” Ethan Beard, Facebook Developer Network director said.

The new Firmware 3.10 also brings in a customized and enhanced PlayStation Network Friends List as well as a new way to view your stored photos – displaying them in a grid format for easier access.

Source: http://www.devicemag.com/2009/11/18/4954-ps3-firmware-with-facebook-support-becomes-live/

Netflix movie streaming soon on PS3s

Credit: Sony

There’s more to celebrate for PlayStation 3 fans!

Shortly after Sony PlayStation 3 was hailed last month’s top-selling video game console after three years, the guys from Sony are giving you a treat.

Sony Corp. and Netflix announced together today that starting next month, owners of PS3 will be able to stream movies and TV shows from Netflix to their TVs via the gaming console.

Users who have a Netflix subscription starting at $9 can access Netflix’s 17,000 collection of movies and TV shows for free. The company will be sending out special Blu-ray discs which the users will have to pop in their PS3s. The disk will access the internet and activate the Netflix system.

This recent partnership is a win-win situation for the two companies.

For Sony, they are staying true to their product’s slogan “It Only Does Everything”, making the PS3 more than just a gaming console. And with their new target market of both men and women between 18 to 49, this new service will definitely be a come-on for them.

“I think we always knew we made a significant investment in the PS3 and we were ahead of the time in terms of technology,” Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, said. “But technology that was mystifying to the consumer three years ago is being coveted now.”

As for the DVD rental company, Netflix can now tap the 9 million PlayStation 3 users in the US alone and more than 25 million users worldwide, all potential new customers.  🙂

Source: http://tech.yahoo.com/news/ap/20091026/ap_on_hi_te/us_tec_netflix_playstation

Sony PS3 finally get the top slot

Credit: Sony

Yep, after three years of trying to win out over its competitors, the Sony Playstation 3 was finally crowed the monthly top-selling video game console according to NPD.

The video game analyst reported that Sony took the first place in the most number of units sold with 491, 800 PS2 units in September. Nintendo’s Wii took the second place with 462, 800 units and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 came in last with 352, 600 units sold.

Although Sony’s numbers aren’t that much far from Nintendo’s, the news is still a reason to celebrate as this somehow proves that people are still willing to buy the PS3 – they were just waiting for its price to be a little lower. So when Sony unveiled the $299 PS3 Slim (despite it still being a hundred bucks higher than the Wii), gamers flocked to purchase units.

Will PS3 stay on top? I’m guessing it will, as long as Sony keeps giving awesome software to go with the unit, and of course, keep its price under the $300 level. What do you think?

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13772_3-10378392-52.html

Sony PS3 250GB available in November

Gamers rejoice!

Its definitely time for PS3 owners to celebrate coz running out of space in their units won’t be a problem anymore.

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today that starting November 3, a new 250GB model of the PlayStation 3 Slim will now be available.

The unit will be sold for $349.99, that’s $50 higher than the 120GB model of the PS3 Slim.

Now, users won’t have to delete or transfer to another storage device their much-loved movies, music, photos and of course, game installs/saves once they run out space.

The announcement from Sony follows the release of the same 250GB model in UK and Australia so there’s hardly any surprise there. But hey? It’s still a reason to celebrate! 😉

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-27076_3-10376066-248.html

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