#137 New Smartphone Hack Ruining Lives

Time for another Friday Special, this time we take a look at SIM-swapping. Something you might want to keep an eye on, for your own security…

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#87 Ninja Was Paid HOW MUCH To Stream Apex Legends?!?!

A big chunk of change was divvied out to Ninja and many other top streamers and content creators on YouTube and Twitch when Apex Legends was released. Is this the strategy that game companies should look at moving forward?

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#49 Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

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Blizzard is selling a Lego Bastion model right now

With the power of Lego and Blizzard Entertainment combined, some hot new Overwatch merchandise is upon us. Blizzard is now selling the Lego Omnic Bastion set, which has 182 pieces. Lego Omnic Bastion is $25, and you can order it now through Blizzard’s online store. If you are attending the upcoming BlizzCon fan gathering, you’ll also have the option to purchase it at that time as well. BlizzCon begins November 2 and runs through November 3 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Sony Is Finally Allowing PSN ID Changes, But There’s A Catch

Sony is finally giving in to the PlayStation community on a long-held request by throngs of gamers who made a big mistake when they first chose their PlayStation Network IDs: Soon, gamers will be able to change their PSN IDs for the very first time. Once it’s rolled out to all PS4 users next year, gamers will be able to change their PSN ID as many times as they’d like. Here’s where the catch comes into play, however. The first time is free but after that you’ll need to pony up $9.99 for each subsequent change or $4.99 for PS+ subscribers.

PC market flat, as Surface becomes a top-5 computer brand in the US

Microsoft was the fifth-biggest PC maker in the US in the third quarter of this year, according to industry advisory firm Gartner. The top spot in the US belongs to HP, with about 4.5 million machines sold, ahead of Dell at 3.8 million, Lenovo at 2.3 million, and Apple at 2 million. The gap between fourth and fifth is pretty big—Microsoft sold only 0.6 million Surface devices last quarter—but it suggests that Microsoft’s PC division is heading in the right direction, with sales 1.9 percent higher than the same quarter last year. The company pushed down to sixth place was Acer.

Razer Built the Phone Gamers Deserve (It Has RGB Lights)

The first time you test something, you check out its design, you try all the new features, but even after an hour or more, the device still doesn’t feel as familiar as something you own and use every day. And yet, the first time I sat down and played a round of PUBG Mobile using the Razer Phone 2, I finished with a chicken dinner. Was it me or was it the phone? I’m still not sure, but here’s how Razer’s gaming phone has evolved for its second tour.

Pokémon Go nerf doesn’t look good for ol’ Blissey

Competitive Pokémon Go players are anticipating a major, upcoming upheaval in the battle scene, thanks to Niantic’s announcement that it intends to rebalance the game. The developer has already hinted at what kinds of changes it plans to make — and it sounds like they’re aimed at kicking the best gym defenders out of their top spots.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Release Date, Pre-load, Blackout, Zombies, And Everything We Know

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 continues the franchise’s history of explosive multiplayer, first-person shooter combat. Old mechanics and features return, such as the fan favorite Zombie mode, but the game implements several changes to the Black Ops formula. We’ve compiled everything we know about Black Ops 4 so far, and will continue to update this post as we discover more about the game.


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#48 New Just Cause 4 Trailer

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I miss being surprised by technology

Google’s 2018 launch event was a piece of corporate theater, like so many before it, to unveil a new smartphone. I’ve watched and attended a lot of product launches in my time, dahlink, but this one was the least engaging for ages. Not because of the products, or the presenters, but because it lacked one key ingredient: surprise.

Essential is reportedly working on an AI phone that operates through voice commands

While Essential’s first device has a cult following among those who prioritize quick Android updates, it became clear in May that it would never see a follow-up. A report from Bloomberg revealed that the company had canceled a second Essential Phone and put itself up for sale. However, over the past several months, the company has quietly chugged along, continuing to push out lightning-fast security patches. Now, a new report from Bloomberg states that the company is indeed working on a second device — but it’s not at all like its first product. According to the publication’s tipsters, the handset is an anti-smartphone with a small screen that relies primarily on voice commands.

Pre-order ASUS’ ROG gaming phone on October 18th

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) announced the release date of its gaming-oriented smartphone today. The ROG Phone will be available for pre-order on October 18th for a starting price of $899 for the 128 GB version. The 512 GB model will cost $1,099. There isn’t any word on ship date yet, though accessories for the device will be available starting in Q4.

Nasty WhatsApp Bug Left Users Vulnerable to Attack by Simply Answering a Video Call

On Tuesday, a researcher for Google’s Project Zero security team published a report revealing how WhatsApp users could lose control of their account just by answering a video call from a bad actor. Natalie Silvanovich ‏published her findings on Google’s Chromium blog and explained that the vulnerability was discovered in August and was promptly reported to WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook. Project Zero hunts down vulnerabilities and companies are given 90 days to fix them before the findings are made public. In this case, Silvanovich said that a patch rolled out for Android on September 28 and was applied for iOS on October 3.

Take A Look At Fallout 76’s Full Map

Fallout 76 is a major new evolution for the long-running series, as we got to find out in our recent hands-on session. It takes the nuclear war ravaged wasteland that we’re accustomed to exploring in isolation and turns it into an always-online multiplayer game, opening it up for players to come together. Fallout 76 will enable dozens of players to explore and adventure together–either as friends or enemies, so naturally, the game world will have to be big enough to accommodate them. On top of that it also needs to have enough activities to keep them engaged for hours on end.

Just Cause 4 story trailer

Now rogue from the Agency, in Just Cause 4 Rico Rodriguez travels to the South American inspired Island of Solís, hell bent on uncovering the truth behind his father’s death. Solís is a place ravished by powerful storms and tornados, it’s in a state of unrest and on the brink of war. The ruthless Black Hand militia, led by the dangerous Gabriella, is using everything they have to keep the situation under control. Rico soon forms an alliance with Mira, a rebellious dissident before finding himself leading an army as he fights, grapples and wingsuits his way through conspiracies and chaos.

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#42 Speedrunner Breaks Impossible Super Mario Bros Record Time

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Meet Meltan, Pokemon Go’s Weird New Creature; Here’s What We Know

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that the strange, Ditto-like monster is a brand-new species of Pokemon called Meltan. In a new trailer the company shared, Professor Willow from Pokemon Go calls Professor Oak, the most prominent researcher from the main series, with news that Ditto masquerading as an unidentified Pokemon had been sighted recently. Oak says he recalls seeing the monster in ancient texts and that it’s a Mythical Pokemon known as Meltan.

Mark Zuckerberg Blamed for Instagram Founders’ Departure

On Monday, the founders of Instagram announced they were leaving to focus on new opportunities. To the surprise of no one, it’s looking like the problem was the CEO of Instagram’s parent company, Facebook. And with those meddlesome founders out of the way, users should worry about a Facebook-ified Insta.

Apple Alienates the World’s Second-Largest Smartphone Market

The iPhone X was a really expensive product in India. It launched at a base price of around $1,400 in India last year, way higher than the U.S. retail price of $999. In fact, India was the second most expensive country in which to buy an iPhone X, thanks to import duties and a weak currency. Not surprisingly, Apple lost its footing in India’s premium smartphone market last year. During the second quarter, the company’s share of premium smartphones in India fell to 13.6% compared to 29.6% in the prior-year period, according to Counterpoint Research. Apple has shipped 40% fewer iPhones in India during the first six months of 2018 as compared to a year ago, with OnePlus’ and Samsung’s phones occupying the top two spots thanks to a smart pricing-and-product strategy.

Speedrunner Achieves ‘Impossible’ Super Mario Bros. Record Time

The original Super Mario Bros. is tightly optimized, as far as speedruns go. Runners have been shaving off milliseconds using highly-skilled play and glitches, all in the hopes of someday reaching a theoretically perfect run. Previously, this was only achievable using special programs, but last night, a runner did what some people thought impossible, matching those computer-assisted performances with nothing but grit and skill.

Mark of the Ninja: Remastered – Release Date Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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#32 Goodbye Drum Gun

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It’s here! Qualcomm’s new watch chip is finally here! Oh, uh, never mind

Loyal Android Wear users are dismayed that the first new Qualcomm silicon for smartwatches in three years uses ancient technology – and won’t offer the gains in performance they were hoping for. Qualcomm has launched its Snapdragon 3100 system on a chip for smartwatches, the first platform update since the 2100 in early 2016. Qualcomm had trailed the announcement by describing it as the first smartwatch chip built “from the ground up”. But it doesn’t appear to be as radical as some had hoped.

What to do if your smart phone gets wet — first, don’t turn it on!

Smart phones and water just don’t mix, but when a hurricane hits, keeping a phone dry isn’t always possible. Experts say even if a phone is drenched, there are steps you can take to recover it — but it takes patience and the ability to leave the phone alone.

Spider-Man is getting a New Game Plus update

Spider-Man has been out for a mere five days, but many enthusiasts have already speedily completed the game and are hungry for more. These fans will soon be able to swing back into the action with some new challenges, as Insomniac has announced a New Game Plus update is in the pipelines.

One of the most powerful ‘Fortnite’ guns is no more

It’s the end of an era in Fortnite… not that some players will necessarily mind. As part of a relatively minor update, Epic Games has quietly “vaulted” (that is, retired) the Drum Gun. While the weapon has only been available since July, it caused no small amount of havoc when it premiered. Its 50-round capacity and high rate of fire meant that you could not only take out multiple opponents (certainly unshielded ones) with a single magazine, for starters. It could also create misery for anyone building a structure, since you could easily unload on someone’s wall and still have ammo to finish off your opponent. And did we mention it was relatively easy to find?

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#14 Google Goggles Is Officially Dead

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Latest Tech News:

China AI unicorn SenseTime launches automatic ‘touch-up’ tool for self-conscious live-streamers

Whatever your preference, in today’s image-conscious social media world people generally want to look the best they can, and that’s why SenseTime, the world’s most highly-valued artificial intelligence (AI) start-up, is offering a filter for smartphone cameras and live-streaming apps that can automatically touch you up.

Why you shouldn’t bring your mobile device shopping

A new study reveals that by bringing your phone with you while shopping, you get distracted and purchase more!

Google updates Location History language after tracking backlash

Four days after admitting that it continues to track users even after the Location History tracking has been disabled, Google has updated its website to more accurately reflect the nature of its location policy.

Google Goggles is officially dead

It has now been replaced by Lens.

New $1,200 MacBook, refreshed iPad Pro models could be announced during Apple’s September event

Apple will launch a refreshed entry-level MacBook next month, according to a report, with an updated model claimed will be revealed during the company’s September event alongside new iPhones and other product announcements.

PUBG Mobile Reaches 100 Million Downloads

Congrats guys!

Nintendo Switch Online Service: Is it worth it?

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The Motorola E4 Plus Reviews

Reviews Of The Motorola E4 Plus

The reviews for the Motorola E4 Plus are now out.  The smartphone, which was launched on June 2017, has 5.5-inch touchscreen display.  The Moto E4 Plus is said to have a longer battery life and is cheaper than the Moto E4.

The Motorola E4 PLus Good Points

For starters, the Moto E4 Plus has a huge battery.  It is powered by a 5000mAh non removable battery.  A bigger battery mans longer battery life for your gadget, which can last up to two days. This is a big plus for smartphone users who are after longer battery life for their phones.

It has a fingerprint scanner.  This is another good point for the Moto E4 Plus.  You can be assured of your device’s security because of this fingerprint scanner.

The Motorola E4 Plus has a premium feel for a budget phone.  Price wise, this device is cheaper than its sibling Moto E4 or the much more expensive Moto G5.

The “Not So Good” Points Of Moto E4 Plus

Now for the most exciting part – the negative points.  The Moto E4 Plus has limited power.  If you want a more powerful phone, then this is not the right device for you.

Its camera is not that good.  It packs a 13 megapixel primary camera on the rear and 5 megapixel front shooter for selfies with LED flash.  You have to really work hard to get a good shot with this camera.

Another negative point for the Motorola E4 Plus is its weight.  It is quite heavy.  It weighs 198 g, which is relatively heavy for a smartphone.

Other Opinions on The Motorola E4 Plus

Since its release last June 2017, many have tried the said device.  Naturally, it has gathered varied reactions and opinions from its users.  The Moto E4 Plus is a phone packed with a huge battery and trying to up the specs despite the low end price.

Other users claim that there is something wrong with its software.  It does not seem to function as it should.  Some say the display is the worst part of the phone.  It is far too big to have such a low resolution.

There are more feedback, both positive and negative, for the Motorola E4 Plus.

The Final Verdict

Generally, the Motorola E4 Plus is a good buy.  If you are not that too keen about the power of your device this is a good phone.  If you are not that too technical about your device, then you can settle for the Motorola E4 Plus.

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BlackBerry Key2 Teaser Video Shows Dual Cameras

A new fresh teaser video of the BlackBerry Key 2 has surfaced online. The new teaser video has caused intrigued among users. The BlackBerry Key 2 is slated to be unveiled on June 7 this year.

Trials of BlackBerry

BlackBerry was once a popular smartphone company. The company has lost its top position to other rival companies such as Samsung, Apple, and others. The company has been struggling for years to make it more relevant in today’s tight digital era.

In case you don’t know, the company has attempted to make several efforts. This includes the release of devices without its popular QWERTY keyboard.

The company has even switched over to Google’s Android mobile operating system. However, it failed to achieve its resounding success the company once had.

Despite all of these, BlackBerry is exerting more efforts to claim its top position and its once strong customer-base. In fact, the company is gearing up to release another Android headset called “icon reborn.”

Now, the company is set to launch a business-focused smartphone, successor to the BlackBerry KEYone from last year. A quick check of the teaser video shows that Blackberry may feature a dual rear camera setup with dual LED flash.

Other features include a physical QWERTY keyboard, BlackBerry Hub with messenger apps support, a new app drawer shortcut, and the Privacy Shade feature preinstalled.




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Will A Smartphone Replace Your Car Key?

Will Your Car Key Be Replaced By A Smartphone?

Your car key will be replaced by a smartphone.  Is that possible?  Some carmakers have gone keyless and others are following.  Tesla is using the keyless innovation via the Model 3.  But using a smartphone to start your car?  Read on.

The Tesla Model 3

The new Tesla Model 3 has lot of features which distinguish it from other hybrid electric cars.  Model 3 is a fully electric car.  The traditional dashboard is replaced by a single touch screen full of buttons.

What is noticeable about the Model 3 is its lack of a key fob.  The usual feature, including door locks, have been replaced by the Tesla smartphone app.

The Tesla Model 3 has sensors which can detect an authorized driver’s smartphone up to 30 feet away.  The driver’s smartphone then becomes a virtual car key which allows the driver to set the Model 3 doors, and even the trunk (when necessary).  The doors automatically unlock when the driver approaches.  It then automatically locks when the driver walks away.  This is possible with the help of the sensors detecting the driver’s smartphone.

The Status Of The Keyless Car

Although Tesla has already produced these keyless cars, it would probably take a few more years before carmakers can widely use the virtual key.  Car companies are facing some issues regarding this technology.  Because of this, the keyless cars will not be ready and available until the issues are resolved.

The Smartphone Companies And The Carmakers

Car companies and smartphone makers are working to collaborate on standards.  These standards will not render you virtual car key useless if there are software updates or security breaches on your smartphones.  If your virtual key will be affected by updates or breaches, your then be unable to drive your car.

In Conclusion

The keyless cars are not that perfect yet.  It has its flaws.  The smartphone-to-car key technology is still being developed to achieve near perfection.  But to answer the question of the possibility of using a smartphone as a car key, the answer is yes.  Tesla has proven that it is possible.




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