Apple Watch Sets A Record High For Wearable Shipments

Apple Watch beat FitBit and other wearable gadgets

The electronics’ giant, Apple, sets a record high for its Apple Watch in the fourth quarter of 2017. Beating up FitBit’s old record according to a research. Apple’s smart devices are often criticized due to its “unfriendly” sharing features. Well, actually, the public doesn’t seem to mind.

The company shipped 8 million Apple Watches in the fourth quarter of 2017 according to Canalys research. The FitBit was the record holder shipping 6.1million units in the fourth quarter of 2015.

“Apple has won the wearable game”, said Jason Low. Senior analyst at Canalys. The giant shipped a total of 18 million Watch devices throughout 2017. That’s 56 percent increase from its 2016 record.

“Despite innovative designs, such as the rotating bezels and circular screens employed by other vendors, Apple has pulled far ahead as it continues to focus on its core iPhone user base,” Low added. That’s because, Apple Watch’s competitor Android Wear, like the Samsung Gear S3 and Huawei’s Watch 2. These are compatible to both Androids and iPhones. Unlike the Apple Watch that’s very limited to their own Apple’s ecosystem alone.

Apple’s 2017 wearable success is in large part thanks to its September-released Watch Series 3. It has a cellular connection feature which you can make a call from your Watch.

The firm said, it actually did well in US, Australia and Japan where it was sold over the holiday season.

It’s same with what Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a call, “It was our best quarter ever for the Apple Watch,” he said, “with over 50 percent growth in revenue and units for the fourth quarter in a row and strong double-digit growth in every geographic segment.”

When it comes to volume, Apple’s closest competitor is Chinese company Xiaomi and its inexpensive Mi bands. Apple was leading to 23 percent while the Xiaomi is in 21 percent and FitBit at 20 percent.

Worst Gadgets of 2016

2016 has been a great year for tech releases. And though a lot of the releases were huge hits, there were also some that ended up as major disappointments to consumers.

Though the hype was huge in these gadgets, they failed to keep up and ended up failing. Such a shame, these gadgets have great potentials, but for some reasons, they didn’t have great luck last year.

Here are some of the worst gadgets released in 2016:

Hover Boards

These hover boards were a massive hit when it was released! We’ve waited long enough to have something close to those boards from “Back To The Future.”

These electric skateboards gained their popularity because of some celebrities posting shots of themselves rolling around on a hover board. (Thanks Justin Bieber!)

A huge turn of events happened when the CES booth of Future Motion, a Chinese hoverboard maker, said it invented and patented a self-balancing electric skateboard that looked strikingly similar to the ones the marshals confiscated.

After two months, big retailers like Amazon stopped selling hover boards. This is because the US Consumer Product Safety Commission deemed hover boards unsafe as they pose unreasonable risk of fire.


Smart Watches


Google unveiled its Android Wear Smartwatch at CES 2014 along with dozens of smartwatch models. A few months later, Apple also announced its iWatch release. Though sales were going well, they expected that by year two, they could get smart watches to compete with smart phones. Fast forward to 2016 and we see that sales of smart watches have dropped 52 percent from their previous year.


Smart Glasses

At Google’s developers’ conference in 2013, a lot of people were so excited for Google Glass, the very first internet-connected eye wear. At CES of the following year, there has been some models of smart glasses from other models like Vergence Labs’ Epiphany glasses and the Epson Moverio BT-200. The features and functions were really amazing. From taking snapshots in a blink of an eye to controlling drones with hand gestures, these smart watches were so promising.

It’s been almost 3 years since the release but no mainstream smart glasses are selling in high volumes. Google Glass even flopped. Though Apple is also working on a same technology, they haven’t released one yet.
We don’t know what’s in store for these gadgets this year, but we can only hope for the best. Check out to find a co2 laser which is an excellent technology advance.

Agree or disagree with the worst gadgets of 2016? Let us know in the comments so your voice can be heard!

Sony Smart Watch: See Calls, Texts, & Apps like your smartphone!

Android is not just for smartphones or tablets anymore. Sony has managed to reveal an extravagant Smart Watch, which has android powers and brings now the apps and features of a smartphone in your wrist. This device promises to be on the list of great geek gifts!

This smart watch has touch screen with a 1.3 inch OLED display and is placed on a black wrist band. The product has Bluetooth enabled on it. This smart watch is capable of retrieving all emails, SMS’s, Facebook and Twitter updates from almost all Android 2.1 and above smart phones.

Paul Hamnett, heading the customer unity for Sony Mobiles in North America, promised that this Smart Watch by Sony is merely the beginning of the wave of smart extras to be launched by Sony, which will completely change the experience of each and every smartphone user. For the time being, there are not many Smart Extras available, but those that are already present in the market include small and mild functional buttons like add ons, headsets and “Smart dock”.


It measures 1.42 x 1.42 inches with a weight of about half ounce and has a 1.3 inch of OLED display. The smart watch is overall square-shaped and has a high resemblance to 6th generation of iPad Nano by Apple. The general smart watch is attached to a black rubber band but there are different colour wrist bands available at $20 each. The gadget also has a clip to assist in attaching the watch to any apparel or belts.


The smart watch vibrates and posts updates on-screen, according to the events or incoming texts or calls as and when received. The vibrate feature of the phone is very useful as it helps us to avoid the phone calls that we miss when our phone is not in our hands. This smart watch is like a mini remote of your smartphone and when connected via Bluetooth, it can help you regulate your basic phone activities when you’re at a go and cannot access the phone directly. The team of Sony has named this wearable device as a “remote information centre”.


As said by the officials of Sony, this device is compatible with android apps of music, social network updates and workouts that are available in a 1.3 inch touch screen display, like Sony’s personalized music player, tic tac toe, etc. There are numerous apps available for this smart watch which can be found at Google play online store. There is a variety of apps, including apps for displaying particular events in order of their occurrence, for messaging, Gmail, Calendar event set reminders, tracing your smartphone and battery power. For Sony android smart phones, there is an app available to connect onto the corporate e-mail and also for diverse call handling functions. There is one “prime app”, which commands over a set of application programmes, which controls the functions that the watch is supposed to carry. Like for example, in order to access the weather updates, you need to put in a weather application programme. The Vfinder app allows you to use the camera of the smartphone as a live video feed. This is one of the most amazing features of the smartphone, as it gives you a feel of owning a James Bond-like gadget. The Twitter app is not much of a use and can be quite distracting as it sends an alert of all updates including those minute ones which are not of importance. The confusing gesture system will definitely enable an accident tweet at least once before you can fully analyse it’s working.


  • The design which is small square shaped sleek.
  • Integration of Facebook and Twitter
  • Shows information at a glance
  • It’s wearable and that makes it handy
  • Battery life is decent


  • The confined number of apps
  • The display quality is average and makes it difficult to read when outdoors
  • It is not compatible with other operating systems, except Android


Though the information from your Smartphone is at an arm’s distance, the versatility of the device is not commendable. It’s reviewed that the phone is paralyzed without the support of a Smartphone and until you synchronize your phone with the device, it is not capable of even stating the time. This Smart Watch is not even that smart, the thickness of the gadget is more than those of your normal wrist watches. The good news lies here that the phone makes it lucid and user-friendly to use this watch and they contemporize their data to the phone freely and without any extra intervention and its uniqueness can trigger the sales. Overall, this touch friendly Smart Watch is a pretty decent buy for all the gadget freaks who are seeking the functions which this watch promises to perform by being a companion to your Smartphone.

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