LG V Series Might Be Launched Soon

Launching Of The LG V Series Happening Soon

The launching of the LG V Series might happen soon.  Discover LG V Series smartphones and see how easy it is to capture and share your favorite moments.  The LG V Series boasts of vivid clarity and magnificent precision.

The LG V Series

Their key features include a 6.0″QHD + OLED FullVision Display, Cine Effect, and F/1.6 Glass Camera Lens.  They also have Point Zoom, Wide Angle Lenses, and Hi-Fi Video Recording.

Additional Features Of The LG V Series

The surprisingly compact and lightweight body is constructed of premium materials.  It is wrapped around a brilliant OLED FullVision display.  The slim bezels surround the 6-inch, 18:9 screen and create a viewing experience that , makes you want to never look away.

LG’s OLED Display

LG’s OLED display technology brings a cinematic viewing experience to the palm of your hand.  Enjoy striking clarity, beautiful contrast, and an expansive spectrum of vibrant, authentic color that must be seen to be believed.

The AI Camera

The V Series has an AI Cam that analyzes subjects in your frame.  It recognizes what you are shooting to recommend 4 optimized filter options.   Capture pictures quickly and easily with the best color settings for your specific scene.

The QLens

With just a snap of a photo and AI integration, no product is beyond your reach.  QLens provides concierge-like service using the camera to help identify objects.  Once objects are identified, the phone finds where to shop for similar products online.

The Enlightened Camera

Your Image quality does not have to go down once the lights have to.  The Bright Mode automatically activates in dark environment.  This will enable you to capture photos and videos that are two times brighter.  You will never miss a special moment in clubs, concerts, romantically-lit restaurants, or under the night sky.

The Cinematic Effect

You can make a story your way.  Record studio-quality videos up to 211% more color than other smartphones.  Unlike traditional filters that are applied after, cine effect ensures the extraordinary moments you capture are played back at the highest quality possible.

More Features To Watch Out For

There are other features to watch out for in the V Series:  1) The glass lens of its camera makes images clearer and more accurate; 2) You can also zoom on any area of the frame.  With the ability to control zoom speed, your videos will be remarkably smooth and stable; 3) Its wide angle cameras can capture bigger pictures; 4) Capture clear, crisp audio with minimal distortion using up to 3 mics. This is because of its Hi-Fi video recording.  You may discover other features once you try out the V series.

The LG V Series is packed with futuristic features.  This makes the V Series something to look forward to for those who want the best.


Dell rolls out two new Precision series laptops

Dell unveiled two new laptops for business to add to their Precision mobile workstation line. The Precision M4700 and the Precision M6700 are Dell’s new twin babies. The former has a 15.6 inch screen while the M6700 has a 17.3 inch display.

The two new laptops come with either a Red Hat Linux 6 or a Windows 7 operating system depending on which one you choose. These two were developed by Dell for professional developers that enable them to customize configuration depending on what suits them. They both carry an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 or i7 processors that have the TurboBoost technology. You can opt to choose the 32GB of 1600MHz system memory or the 16GB at 1866MHz and a solid state hardrive of 512GB.

Also, you can select what type of graphic card to use. The options are an AMD FirePro Graphics or an NVIDIA Quadro K-series GPU.
Dell is branding the M6700 as the “Lightest 17 inch mobile workstation.”

A covet edition of the M6700 will be released by Dell featuring a Red Chasis finish and a Gorilla Glass 2 screen. The base price of the M4700 is $1,649, while the M6700 retails at $2,199. The M6700 Covet edition will be yours for $3,579.

Image Source: slashgear.com

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