Zamzar: Veteran Free Online File Converter Still Hot After All These Years

I discovered Zamzar quite by accident, and happily so. I received a  .numbers file and being on a PC, had to Google for a converter. I have to confess that after having my share of free online converters that didn’t deliver, I was skeptical. So what are my woes? Some of these converters have to be downloaded and installed and you know that these can bring with them malware etc. Most of the free apps will also convert up to a certain point and leave you hanging. And saving the worst for last, convert into a gibberish file. And with so many new ones popping up and disappearing into thin air, you never know if it’s going to be there the next time around. Let’s not even go to whether it will keep your data sacred.

What’s not to love? It can convert about 1200 files – an all-in-one audio, video, image, ebook, CAD, presentation, and text converter! Currently, when there are many platforms and devices, this functionality makes it extremely helpful. In the past, I would use 4-5 apps just to get everything I need on the same page. This multiple converter saves time, effort, stress and money. After all, who wants to buy a full program, something that can only be used rarely, if you can have a free one to use?

Here are a few of the popular conversions it can do: PDF to Word | PDF to Excel | FLAC to MP3 | DOC to PDF | EPUB to PDF | MP4 to MP3 |PDF to DOC | WAV to MP3 | MKV to MP4 | DJVU to PDF | JPG to Word | XPS to PDF |FLV to MP3 | MOV to MP4 | Excel to PDF | PNG to PDF | PDF to JPG | DOCX to PDF |EPUB to MOBI | MP3 to WAV | MP4 to GIF | PPT to PDF | Excel to PDF | PNG to JPG |PDF to DWG | PDF to DOCX | JPG to GIF | JPG to PNG | FLV to MP4 | Word to PDF

Conversion is fast and convenient because the file to be converted can be uploaded from your hard drive, from the cloud, and from a URL. Files up to 50 MB can be converted 100%. Files are converted once uploaded and you simply enter your email address to receive the converted file. It even saves your file online for 24 hours.

Zamzar has been around for around 12 years and it has not stopped growing. The most interesting development is it can convert to files proprietary to Adobe and now has video support. The sheer number of files it can convert is astounding:, it can now convert video from various video sharing websites.





PDF Converter 5: Cheap and Reliable Acrobat PDF Converter Alternative

These days it can get terribly confusing for tech users because there are different file formats that are unreadable when viewed from another platform – and we are always on the look-out for a cheap and reliable alternative that will do the job of “translating” across platforms. PDF or Portable File Format was developed by Adobe as an open format that made it easy to share documents between operating systems because it was platform independent. This compatibility made it a very popular medium for exchanging documents with fidelity – meaning text, graphics, signatures, tables, links, and other elements were transmitted in its entirety and read by the receiver without difficulty.

PDF is ubiquitous on the web and used in business documents because of the security and ease of using e-signatures. It has become a necessity to have a reader but purchasing the Adobe Acrobat DC can be an expensive purchase if you don’t do much editing. Sure, the ability to convert Word, Excel, Powerpoint into PDF and vice-versa, edit and merge documents, compile PDFs into an indexable document, save photos as PDF, and edit scanned PDFs are impressive. But the ability to save HTML to PDF (once dominated by Camtasia’s Snagit), use signatures, and apply passwords or permissions make it indispensable as a business tool. One thing unique about it is its compatibility with Adobe’s suite of products like Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI), and InDesign (INDD) – a utility that is seldom used by the typical user. With a $400 price tag for perpetual use or subscription of $20 per month, Adobe Acrobat DC is indeed pricey, making you wish there was a cheaper and reliable alternative.

A lot of us who could not commit to purchasing Adobe Acrobat DC had (in a pinch) tried a lot of online free converters that were either too buggy or converted only partially, making the attempt downright frustrating. Security was also a BIG question as your files need to get uploaded and converted before you can download. That would be fine if you only had a few files where security is not an issue. The poor conversion quality does not justify the possibility of data and confidentiality breaches. The free downloaded versions did not offer much improvement because the formatting was distorted and there were a lot of extraneous characters.

A cut above the many online and desktop converters,  PDF Converter 5 at a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat DC is a software that has the functionality of Adobe Acrobat that converts from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher, with the additional capability of converting to and from AutoCAD, Open Office, HTML, and CSV. It is also capable of batch conversions. No more re-typing or re-formatting from botched conversions! Best of all, it’s only a quarter of the cost (of Adobe) at $99 per license. is the developer of PDF
Converter Elite – a PDF management software with the ability to create, manage and convert PDF documents.


System Requirements
OS: Windows 10®, 8.1®, 8®, 7®, Vista®, 2008®, XP®,2003, 32-bit or 64-bit edition
Hard Drive: 350 MB of available disk space
RAM: 512+ MB of free memory
Monitor: 1366 (width) x768 (height) screen resolution



We took the PDF Converter 5 for a spin and it did creditably in extracting, editing, merging, and converting files. The most challenging was converting the PDF document to HTML, but unfortunately, the Trial version only allowed for the conversion of 3 pages. It truly is a productivity software that saves time, effort, and money. The OCR capability is comparable to the leading brand – which was actually a pleasant surprise.

This is not some run-of-the-mill hack of an excellent product. It’s a value for money software and robust enough to meet your needs with room to spare.





Kindle gets a battery boost, native PDF reader

Since Barnes & Noble’s Nook are making huge waves in the market even before its release, Amazon’s Kindle has to keep up if they want to stay on top.

Announced today, Kindle now has an improved battery life when the wireless connection is turned on. Compared to its previous 4-hour battery life, the Kindle can now run up to seven days with the wireless activated. Battery life with the wireless connection turned off still remains, which is about two weeks.

“Battery power management for portable wireless devices is a complex technical area, and the battery life improvement announced today is the result of a six-month firmware improvement and testing program,” according to the press release.

In addition to the battery boost, Amazon has also added native PDF support to the Kindle. The company says users can now “read professional and personal documents in their original PDF format without conversion.” In order to read these PDF files, you can either email the files to your Kindle email address or transfer them via the USB connection. You can also easily convert your PDF files to the Kindle format by typing the word “Convert” in the subject of your email.

According to a press release, all new Kindles will be shipped with the battery boost and native PDF support. Users who already bought the Kindles before will be receiving the new enhancements via a firmware upgrade which will automatically be sent to them when the wireless connection is turned on.