NATEDE: Want to Breathe Indoor Air That Won’t Kill You?

Finally, NATEDE, from Clairy, an Italian company, has come up with a smart air purifier that cleans your indoor air of pathogens, pollutants, and toxins naturally. On its second run on Kickstarter, minimalist-looking NATEDE continues to impress investors, raising $300K in only a week and projected to end its campaign at $1.8M. First introduced at CES in 2016, it won the European Product Design Award, was a finalist in the Best Entrepreneur Award at G20 Germany in 2017 and selected to represent Worldwide Entrepreneurs during Global Money Week 2018.

NATEDE is the perfect marriage of IoT and nature. It has advanced sensors and a dedicated app that adjusts airflow and monitors pollutants and conditions in the environment. The photocatalytic filter does not need to be replaced, making NATEDE convenient and economical in the long run. And being smart, it communicates with Alexa and other devices.

So why is this deceptively simple planter-like device getting so much hype? For one thing, the air you and I breathe certainly consists of more than just oxygen and is unbelievably more polluted than outside air. It is also the carrier of dust, allergens, viruses, bacteria, and contaminants unseen by the human eye.

Whether at work or at home, we typically breathe in two tablespoons of dust that includes dander, human skin, pollen, and antigens. These particles are trapped in the respiratory system and can also cause immunologic reactions like asthma and allergies. Although we see dust and dirt, bacteria, viruses, and molds are small but vicious pathogens that attack unseen.

And of course, VCO and other pollutants from off-gassing paint, lacquer, synthetic material, household cleaning solutions and even your sweet-smelling air-freshener can poison you unseen – continuously.

“Thanks to the combination of the plant with this innovative filter, this air purifier successfully eliminates 93% of VOCs, 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine-particulate and odors.” – NATEDE

How NATEDE stacks up against other purifiers:

A single Clairy NATEDE can purify 36 m3 resulting in environmental air cleared of its pollutants and odors. A microbiological report affirms that it clears the air of formaldehyde (often found in off-gas) and E.coli bacteria.

Clairy looks a stylish flowerpot that comes in two models (regular or premium) and stylish colors, white, blue, rame, corallo, sand or matte black. Two new, vibrant colors are coming soon – Azalea and Girasole. It is made of sustainable and biodegradable materials and now comes with an optional wooden stand.

After the success of our first Kickstarter campaign back in 2016, we started working with fluid dynamics engineers to perfect the airflow and to improve the purification range. NATEDE has an incredible purification range and guarantees a perfect and silent air flow.

Connected by WIFI, it monitors temperature, humidity, pollution

If you hate waking up sniffling, sneezing, or reeling from dizziness and splitting headache, this is something worth considering. Chronic sufferers of asthma and allergy whether under maintenance meds or not benefit from the NATEDE’s air cleaning effects. And of course, with better oxygenation comes better sleep and increased productivity. You can even choose from 4 modes of air cleaning: auto, performance, night (economy) and custom.

With 8 days to go, you still have time to back this project. Thus far, it has 3,086 backers and had raised over US$ 712K of its US$ 58,811 goal. Let your plants clean your air of benzene, xylene, ammonia, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde stylishly, economically, and efficiently.

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Attritnution: Photos, graphics and video from Clairy, Natede and Kickstarter.

Vital Vio: Passive and Safe Disinfection with LED Light

Disinfection today is so different from yesteryear’s when you have to bleach, soap, soak, wash with baking soda, boil or autoclave to be germ-free. It was messy, tedious, time-consuming, consumed inordinate amounts of water and used toxic ingredients o be super clean. Enter Vital Vio, Inc., a healthcare solutions company that transformed disinfection with the use of germ-killing LEDS using the patented VioSafe™ White Light Disinfection™ technology. Basically, a single component is integrated into LED light engines making it compatible with industry-standard light fixtures to continuously kill pervasive germs – simplified by merely turning on the switch.

“Vital Vio’s lighting technology has been proven effective in killing gram negative and gram positive bacteria, bacterial endospores, yeast, and fungi such as: SAlmonella, E.Coli, C. Diff & MRSA”

This strong interest in controlling nosocomial infection in medical settings stems from a very personal experience. Vital Vio’s CEO, Colleen Costello, founded the company because her own grandmother contracted Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) during a hospital stay. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria can spread readily through physical contact or can be airborne like Legionnaire’s disease. Germs are especially deadly to infants, and convalescing or immuno-compromised patients. However, infection control is not just a concern of hospitals – all buildings, malls, airports, dorms, schools, public restrooms, transport hubs, laboratories, education settings, restaurants, sports/recreation facilities, food processing facilities, hotels, and factories consider this costly and problematic. It’s a perpetual Achilles heel that can result in downtime, decreased productivity, and economic loss because of illness, or even death.

Vital Vio is a promising and economically viable solution since research has proven that this patented technology is effective in passively controlling pervasive microorganisms like Salmonella, E. coli and other deadly pathogens growing on surfaces.

“Vital Vio’s solutions multitask to safely, effectively, & continuously kill harmful organisms on indoor surfaces.”-Visa Lighting

Although Vital Vio does kill germs, the mechanism is different from that of noxious agents that kill on contact. According to the site, Vital Vio disinfects in 4 steps:

  1. Vital Vio light shines on the bacterial cell and (photo)activates molecules within the cell.

  2. Reactive Oxygen Species are produced in excess.

  3. The build-up of Reactive Oxygen species is toxic and causes cellular damage.

  4. The damage caused by the Reactive Oxygen species results in the death of the bacterial cell, rendering it harmless.

Partnering with licensing partners enabled this technology to be used in a variety of antibacterial lights perfect for commercial, retails, industrial and domestic customers. The White Light Disinfection Technology is projected to take these users by storm – even as it is seen to be a threatening presence to blue and infra light disinfecting. Ellumi Lighting™ a range of bacteria-killing lights launched by Evolution Lighting for residential users was launched recently and enjoying brisk sales at Amazon, Home Depot, Wayfair, and Houzz. What could be prettier, healthier, and more hardworking than these disinfecting lights working overtime in your bedroom, nursery, or kitchen?

With our VioSafe technology, we have reinvented disinfection; putting light to work in a unique way to safely, effectively, and continuously kill germs on indoor surfaces. – Colleen Costello

Vital Vio also powered Code 3®, a disinfecting compartment light that can be used for ambulances and other emergency transport systems. Though it was granted its patent only March 27, 2018, several related patents are underway and major collaborations with the biggest names promise exciting products. This lightbulb bound to be the NEXT BIG THING: indispensable and ubiquitous in the future. What could be smarter than continuous disinfection while lighting up a room with ease? Vital Vio LED Light kills 99% of bacteria on indoor and outdoor surfaces and does not use UV light that is toxic to plants and animals. Turn on the Light indeed!

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