Facebook app for iOS gets an update. Finally!

The most usual problem iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Facebook app users encounter is the slowness of the app.

Using the Facebook app for iOS devices have been a grueling experience to some, while others simply discard the app and use their browsers to load their accounts due to the “painfully slow” user experience that they encounter.

According to the New York Times, the sluggish performance of the Facebook app for iOS devices is because of the hybrid program language.

But this is about to change by next month, as Facebook launches their new Facebook app for iOS users.

This upgrade will enhance the experience of the users, as this eliminates the slowness of the app.

NYT’s Nick Bilton has tested the new Facebook app and said that the latter is like “putting the engine of a Smart Car in the body of a Ferrari.”

The update is built completely using Objective-C, which removes the sluggish performance of the old Facebook app which was built with HTML 5 components within an Objective-C.

Whatever it is, this update is going to be welcomed by iOS users of the Facebook app.

Are you an iOS device owner? What’s your take on the performance the old Facebook app?

Image Source: news.softmedia.com

Apple Tablet: Another slip, another confirmation?

Well, we may treat this as another confirmation to our growing list of evidences of the tablet’s existence..or not. However, any mention of this illusive tablet from the Cupertino company is well-worth discussing, don’t you think?

You may remember a few months back that New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller made a “slip” and mentioned the “impending Apple slate” at an internal meeting with his digital staff.

This time, it’s France Telecom deputy chief executive Stéphane Richard that uhm, made an affirmation regarding the tablet.

According to PCWorld, in an interview with journalist Jean Pierre Elkabbach, Richard twice interrupted with a “Oui” when Elkabbach talked of reports of an Apple tablet. Now, unless my French are that rusty, “Oui” means, “Yes”, right?

And when asked if Orange (owned by the French Telecom) customers will be able to enjoy the product, the deputy chief exec responded with “Bien sûr” which in English means, “Of course”.

So does mean this one’s a keeper? The PR people at Orange don’t want us to think so. They are now scrambling to recover from the slip, telling the MocoNews that Richard’s comments don’t count as confirmation and his words were just taken out of context, poorly translated, yada yada.

Well, what do you think?

Source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/186614/orange_apple_tablet_not_confirmed_by_france_telecom.html

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