iPhone tips and tricks II

Here is a continuation of the tutorial of some tips and tricks you can do with your iPhone.

In a party, rowdy individuals might lift you up and throw you in the pool. If you have been in this situation before, you would not have enough time to grab your phone out of your pocket. The result is a wet phone and some lost pride.

Well, if your iPhone gets wet whether in this case or not, don’t turn it on immediately as you can short circuit your phone. First you can do is towel dry your phone. Never use a hairdryer as this can push moisture into areas that are not wet. You can then submerge your phone in a bowl of uncooked white rice and leave it there.

Want to get a definition of a word? Simply press and hold on a word – in email, reminder, iBooks – and you’ll see a pop-up option for “Define”.

Want to save photos from the web? Simply press and hold on a photo when using Safari. You’ll then be prompted with a menu asking you if you’d like to “Save Image”.

To add a website you often visit to your Home screen, just go to the webpage in Safari, tap the Go To icon on top of the screen and select “Add to Home Screen.”

More tips and tricks to come in the coming days.

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iPhone tips and tricks

The iPhone is one of the top selling smartphones in the market today. People from all walks of life buy the iPhone not only for its popularity, but also for its features.

But a ton of individuals can’t maximize their iPhones due to one simple thing: they don’t have time to fiddle with their devices due to time constraint. Well, here are a few tricks that you can do with your iPhones.

Did you know that you can take a photo with your headphone cord? Well you can use the up and down buttons to take a photograph. Just steady your iPhone and focus on the shot you want to take, if you’re ready press the button on the cord and you have a snapshot of the scene.

Close those unwanted suggestion boxes. Well, isn’t it rather irritating to see those spelling suggestions pop up whenever you type, you don’t have to tap the tiny “X” to dismiss the suggestion. You only need to tap anywhere on the screen to close the suggestion box.

Lost your iPhone? If you’ve signed up to the free Find My iPhone app, you can locate your device on a map. You can initiate a loud ring or remotely lock or delete data.

Here are some tips and tricks. More to come in the next days.

Image Source: freeebooksblog.com

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