Google’s Nexus One tear-down

Credit: iSuppli
Credit: iSuppli

iSuppli says Google’s Nexus One actually contains around $174-worth of hardware. To estimate the bill of materials, the company broke down all of the phone’s components and  came up with a fairly simple breakdown.

The phone’s 1 GHz Snapdragon processor is the most expensive part, costing $30.50. The OLED display comes in second with $23.50 then the device’s memory which is $20.40.

The Nexus One’s touchscreen assembly comes in next, costing $17.50 and the camera with $12.50.

The MicroSD Card ($8.50), Bluetooth/wLAN ($8.20) and Battery ($5.25) rounds up the breakdown. The rest of the expenses goes to parts like electrical components, power management technology and other mechanical hardware.

Manufactured by HTC, the Nexus One costs $529 if you buy it unlocked or $179 if it comes with a two-year T-Mobile contract.

What do you think? Is the price worth it?


Its Qualcomm for the iPhone and Nexus One


Its another victory for chipset maker Qualcomm!

After Google announced last Tuesday that its HTC Nexus One “Googlephone” will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, announced that the Qualcomm will also be powering the new iPhones.

Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar confirmed this fact with the manufacturers and suppliers involved with the phone. Reps from both Apple and Qualcomm however, hasn’t officially confirmed this rumor.

According to Kumar, Apple has officially ditched Infineon which powered its iPhones on the AT&T network. A new Qualcomm chipset will now power the new iPhones coming to Verizon.

“It’s looking like Qualcomm is beginning to be the one to beat,” Kumar says.

Kumar, earlier today, also confirmed that Apple will not be utilizing Intel’s chips for its upcoming tablet computer and will be using chips from Apple-owned P.A. Semi.


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