Google Lens Has Its Own App For Faster Launch

The Google Lens has made its way to the Playstore as a standalone app.

Google announced Lens last year as a way for users to identify objects, locations and other stuff from an image. It was first made available for Pixel owners and then later on expanded into the Photos app. And just recently, it was rolled out to most Android devices that supports Google Assistant.

For those who don’t use Google Assistant however, this will not be possible. That is unless you use the LG G7 ThinQ which has a hardware key specifically for Lens.

Now, Google has made it available for all Android users running Marshmallow or above.

The standalone icon is basically the shortcut to access the lens. It means users don’t have to go through the Google Assistant in order to launch Lens. However, bear in mind that it is still part of Google Assistant. The app is just a quick access tool.

What exactly can you with Google’s AI-capable viewfinder? When the app is opened, whatever your camera is pointed at, Google will give you information about it. It is also a useful way to translate, copy and search for texts. Pretty cool eh?

You can download the app here.


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Google Rolls Out Lens To Google Photos Users On Android

Google has officially rolled out Google Lens to Android users who installed Google Photos on their smartphones. This would mean that Google users could now scan objects using the app. The Google Lens could also receive other information aside from the usual scanned objects.


Aside from this Google users could also create a contact sourced from a business card or identify a landmark. At present, Google Lens also has the capability to identify company logos, paintings, movies, animals like cat and dog breeds.


Moreover, the search giant also announced during the Mobile World Congress 2018 that Google Lens would be available also to other smartphones. Non-Android users could also access Google Lens through Google Assistant.


Google Lens compatible smartphone models


These smartphone models are Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG, Nokia, and Sony, respectively. Below is the list of smartphone models that Lens is accessible.

” Google Pixel 2
” Google Pixel 2 XL
” Google Pixel
” Google Pixel XL
” Samsung Galaxy S8
” Samsung Galaxy S8+
” Samsung Galaxy Note 8
” Samsung Galaxy S7
” Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
” LG V30 (Android Oreo-only)
” LG V30+ (Android Oreo-only)
” OnePlus 5
” ASUS ZenFone AR


However, there’s no official announcement yet from Google. For the time being, users can use the Google Photos to fix your newly rolled out app.


To access the app, Android users should only open Google Photos. After opening the Google Photos, just select the picture and then tap the Google Lens’ icon. The app will then scan the picture and other information that are relevant to the object being scanned.


Apart from the Android phones and tablets, Chrome Unboxed has also noted that you could also enjoy the same functionality when using Chrome OS. You can make this possible if you download Android Google Photos app.

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