Google shopping for Web suffixes

Internet search giant Google has applied for suffixes that relate to their core businesses namely, .google and .youtube. Instead of using .com and .org, the company wants to use suffixes that could be identified to their company, including the two and .docs and .lol.

Google chief Internet evangelist, Vint Cert, said in his blog post that the .youtube domain name could make it easier to identify genres and channel in their video sharing website YouTube.

Cerf added, “We’re just beginning to explore this potential source of innovation on the Web. By opening up more choices for internet domain names, we hope people will find options for more diverse – and perhaps shorter – signposts in cyberspace.”

With this development, Google is one of the big companies to publicly announce their interest in having a top-level domain program.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, operates under the US Commerce department contract and is a nonprofit organization that manages the Internet’s address system, this may be to regulate the Google Cloud Platform systems and other cloud services.

ICANN began accepting applications this year for new words to the right of the dot in a Web address.

Google wants to security and abuse protection a top priority with their new domains.

General Electric and Coca-Cola and 40 other companies are opposing this top-level domain program as according to them, this may lead to consumer confusion, increase costs and spark Internet fraud.

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Blackberry looses sole hold of US agency GSA

Research in Motion’s former CEO’s Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie might have escaped the problems of the company by stepping down their positions a month ago. What could they be thinking after reading news articles of their baby? Would they be infuriated or sad?

According to a report from Bloomberg, the US government’s General Services Administration or GSA will begin issuing iPhones to their employees. Their employees now have two phones, the BlackBerry and the iPhone.

According to Deborah Ruiz, spokesperson of GSA, anybody from their office can choose from an Apple device or an Android whichever they think would be more beneficial to them.

According to RIM, they still have about a million government clients, though CEO Thorsten Heins will be concerned considering the latest development.

Just a week ago, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration decided that beginning May they will be issuing iPhones to their employees in lieu of the BlackBerry.

Halliburton on the other hand also made a decision to shift from BlackBerry to other handsets. Other companies like Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital and Standard Chartered have also made similar decisions.

Sales of BlackBerry smart phones are surprisingly doing well in other markets. But their sales have significantly dropped in North America particularly in the US.

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