Side By Side Comparison Of PS Game Console

PS Game Consoles’ Side By Side Comparison

PS Game Consoles are now being compared.  Sony is introducing the new generation of game consoles via PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro.  These game consoles are being compared by the public, but naturally, they each have specific differences.

The Design Of The PS Game Consoles

The design of these PS game consoles are striking.  As its name suggests, PS4 Slim is a slimmer version of the original PS4.  While the Ps4 Pro is much larger.

PS4 is 305 x 275 x 53 mm and weighs 2.8 kilograms.  While the PS4 Slim is  288 x 265 x 39 mm and has a weight of 2.1 kilograms.  The PS4 Pro weighs 3.3 kilograms and is 327 x 295 x 55 mm.

Its Features And More

The three consoles have different designs, but all stem from the original PS4.  All three retain Blu-ray and DVD compatible optical drives.  The PS4 Slim and Pro step up to USB 3.1.  The Pro uses its extra “layer” to add an additional USB port.

PS4: 2x USB 3.0; 1x Gigabit Ethernet; PS Camera, Optical Audio output, HDMI 1.4        PS4 Slim: 2x USB 3.1; HDMI 1.4; 1x Gigabit Ethernet; 1x PS Camera                                PS4 Pro: 3x USB 3.1; PS camera; 1x Gigabit Ethernet;  Optical Audio output; HDMI 2.0

The Pro’s third USB port is useful for connecting to a PlayStation VR since the returning Move Controllers each need a USB port for charging.

The PS4 Pro upgrades its HDMI to 2.o, from the original PS4’s 1.4, which is important for its support for 4K.  Both the Slim and the Pro get bumps in WiFi performance.  Bluetooth has also been upgraded from PS4’s v2.1 to v4.0.

More Comparison On The Three Consoles

Among the three PS game consoles, the PS4 slim stands out the most.  It is thin, discreet, and very living room friendly.

Speaking of the performance of the consoles:

  • PS4 – CPU: 1.6 GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar; 1.84 TFLOP AMD Radeon; 8GB GDDR5 RAM
  • PS4 Slim – (the same as that of PS4)
  • PS4 Pro – CPU: 2.1 GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar; 4.2 TFLOP AMD Radeon; 8GB GDDR5 + 1 GB RAM

Their Prices

When we talk about the prices of the PS game consoles, the PS4 costs $300 for the 500 GB HDD (user upgradeable).  PS4 Slim is priced at $300 for the 500 GB / 1TB HDD (user upgradeable).  And the PS4 Pro  has a market price of $400 for the 1TB HDD (user upgradeable).

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Bringing Old Consoles Back to Life on a New TV

Here’s how you could be bringing your old console games back to life.

Bringing old console games back to life might be possible on a new TV. The most-loved gaming consoles like Super Nintendo, Playstation or the Sega Mega Drive, once have been in the limelight. But anyone who tries to connect these old hardware to the modern TVs might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

That’s because their graphical splendor doesn’t shine on high-resolution full-HD and 4K displays. But gamers who are dying to replay the classics on their old consoles have two options. Buy an old analogue TV set that’s technically equipped for these consoles. Or purchase another device called a scaler that can process consoles’ image signals for modern TVs.

Andreas Lange, an expert in new and vintage video games said that scalers are “not without problems.” Instead, he recommends casual gamers turn to so-called “retro consoles” that reissue modernized editions of old games for new hardware.

As an example, the NES Classic Mini from 1980, is compatible with modern televisions. It only requires an HDMI cable to connect it to a TV. But there are limitations. Only 30 games like Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda are installed. And it’s not possible to retrofit other titles. Though it’s currently sold out and is traded at high prices on the web, Nintendo will replenish supplies this year.

Gamers who are bit more tech savvy can build their own versions of the classic consoles.

With the help of these free console emulator kit, the Raspberry Pi mini-computer and RetroPie. You may purchase the Raspberry Pi Zero W Essentials Kits for roughly $30. It comes with an active USB hub, and SD card with 4GB memory and Bluetooth or USB controller. These emulators are a final path to gaming joy. But these are a legal grey zone, said Henry Krasemann, an attorney and expert in data protection and internet law. Nintendo, for example, has explicitly banned the creation of ROM discs in its terms and conditions.

In this modern age, some of us still miss the retro, old stuff and wanted the next generation to experience it as well. And this news brought so much joy to our gamers’ hearts.

Popularity of cloud gaming may lead to game console extinction

Game console fans may soon turn their smiles upside down, as Phil Eisler of Nvidia said that gaming consoles might be just a pigment of our imagination in the near future.

Heading Nvidia’s GeForce Grid Cloud Gaming Department, Eisler said that the unreleased Nintendo Wii U and the rumored PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 might be the last gaming consoles ever to be released, since improving technology and the affordability of server costs will eventually allow streaming games to become the dominant system for gaming.

According to Eisler, “The good thing about cloud gaming is it’s going to get better every year. One of the reasons we’re investing in it is we see that there are some issues today, but they’re all solvable, and they’re all moving in the right direction. Bandwidth is going up. The cost of server rooms is going down. We’re bringing latency down by using the best VPN technology such as Limitless VPN.”

“The experience will just get better and better every year, to the point where I think it will become the predominant way that people play games,” Eisler added.

Nvidia has been placing a ton of money in cloud gaming. Together with Galkai, the company is convinced that it is the thing of the future.

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