An Overview About Lynq: The Friend Tracker Gadget

The Friend Tracker Gadget Called Lynq

You can now track friends via the friend tracker gadget known as Lynq.  This gadget will enable you to find people even when your cellphone fails.  It is a very simple gadget for finding your friends outdoors.

Tracking Your Friends Is Made Easier Through Lynq

It sometime irritates us if we cannot find our friends especially at times when we badly need them.  Despite the presence and availability of smartphone apps which can help you find them, sometimes it is a hard task when your phones fail.

Here is a gadget which will make tracking your friends easier.  Introducing a very handy gadget called “Lynq”.   If you lose track of your friends outdoors, let this gadget help you find them.  If you are out skiing, hiking, camping, or just doing your just shopping with your friends, and lose track of them, relax.  You don’t need to give awkward and unclear directions and descriptions of your whereabouts.

How Lynq Works

Lynq is a gadget that solves tracking problems with an ultra-simple premise.  It simply tells you where your friends are, what direction, and how far you should go to find them.  No data connection is required.

The peanut-shaped device uses a combination of GPS and kinetic positioning which tell where you are, and any linked Lynqs are.

More About Lynq

You do not need pins on a map, coordinates, or turn by turn directions.  Lynq just uses a vector accurate to within a couple of feet that works anywhere outdoors.  A little bob points in your friends’ direction and moves around as quick as a compass.  It gets smaller as you go farther away and becomes a full circle when you get near.

Up to twelve devices can link up and can work up to three miles from each other.  A single button switches between people you are tracking and activates he device’s few features.  This gadget is also great for tracking pets, rescue workers, and kids who wander off.

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Six of The Most Innovative New Car Technologies

In today’s modern world, technology seems to be making its way into more and more aspects of our lives. This is especially evident in our vehicles, which are quickly becoming very sophisticated computers on wheels. With automakers always looking to outdo one another, a variety of fascinating features are now available on many new cars. If you’re planning on buying a new vehicle in 2018, here are some of the most innovative features you’ll find.

Smartphone Integration

Since it’s dangerous and often illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving, automakers such as Kia have introduced smartphone integration into their vehicles. By connecting your phone to the USB port, you’ll have an eight-inch screen on the dash by which you can make or receive calls. And to make this even safer, it can be activated by voice commands. Hands-free technology like this allows drivers to stay connected while driving safely.


Automatic Speed Reduction

In many new Ford trucks, automatic speed reduction is an added feature. Activated if you are taking a corner too fast or swerving in and out of lanes, it can make driving down the highway much safer for you as well as other drivers in the event of an emergency.


Augmented Vision Goggles

If you’re looking to get rid of your old ride completely with a car for cash seller, you can buy a new Mini-Cooper and try the Augmented Vision goggles that will soon be available with this car. Projecting an augmented reality display while you’re driving, they can show you how far to back up into a parking spot, or display arrows on the road when you need to make a turn. An amazing technological upgrade for not much money, these cars are sure to make a splash.


Automatic Braking

Imagine coming to an intersection and having your car do the braking for you. If you’re driving a Volvo, that’s a reality. Using sensors, the car looks for vehicles coming toward you, anticipates what they will do, and brakes accordingly. This can be a great safety feature in difficult weather or emergency situations like falling asleep at the wheel or losing control.


Smartwatch App

Hyundai drivers now have a safe and convenient way to start their car, lock and unlock its doors, and locate the car in a large, crowded parking lot. Using the Blue Link Smartwatch app, it can be downloaded to Android and Apple phones and can help locate and lock cars from a great distance.


Tire Slip Sensors

In many Mazda vehicles, tire slip sensors can make the difference when driving on wet or icy roads. Using a built-in thermostat to read road temperatures, the sensors will automatically engage a vehicle’s all-wheel drive before slipping occurs.


As automakers implement more and more of these and other technologies into their vehicles, there’s no doubt traveling down the highway or around town will be much safer.

Wi-Fi, a must have entertainment device feature

Wi-Fi used to be a feature on devices and not a must have. It used to be just an add-on that spikes up the price of the gadget that you are purchasing.

A report from NPD In-Stat said that home entertainment devices that has Wi-Fi are expected to sell about 600 million units by 2015.

Vice President of research of In-Stat, Frank Dickson, said that this is because Wi-Fi is now a must in all entertainment devices.

He said, “It is important to note though that Wi-Fi is growing from being simply about getting content from a network to devices, to sharing content between devices, as Wi-Fi evolves from being a network-centric connectivity standard to one that enables peer-to-peer  connectivity.”

“New innovations such as Wi-Fi display and Wi-Fi Direct will fundamentally change the way that content is moved and shared in the home,” he adds.

The report includes all gadgets from digital picture frames to your Blu-ray players.

Though the report includes television sets, he says that consumers still bypass the Wi-Fi feature in their TV purchases.

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