Wi-Fi, a must have entertainment device feature


Wi-Fi used to be a feature on devices and not a must have. It used to be just an add-on that spikes up the price of the gadget that you are purchasing.

A report from NPD In-Stat said that home entertainment devices that has Wi-Fi are expected to sell about 600 million units by 2015.

Vice President of research of In-Stat, Frank Dickson, said that this is because Wi-Fi is now a must in all entertainment devices.

He said, “It is important to note though that Wi-Fi is growing from being simply about getting content from a network to devices, to sharing content between devices, as Wi-Fi evolves from being a network-centric connectivity standard to one that enables peer-to-peer connectivity.”

“New innovations such as Wi-Fi display and Wi-Fi Direct will fundamentally change the way that content is moved and shared in the home,” he adds.

The report includes all gadgets from digital picture frames to your Blu-ray players.

Though the report includes television sets, he says that consumers still bypass the Wi-Fi feature in their TV purchases.