XBox Gold Members Will Get Something For Free This May

XBox Gold Freebies For Members This May

What does an Xbox Gold membership have in store for you?  Members can get lots of freebies as by that we mean free games.  These free games are not just for May.  Xbox Gold members get a handful of free games to download each and every month.

There is a catch to this free games incentive though.  The games are only available to download for a few weeks a piece.  Then you won’t find them free again.  Below are the free games which are available for download this May.

Super Mega Baseball 2 (XB1)

This game will be released on May 1.  You can get it for free on day one with a Games with Gold subscription.  This cartoonish take on the bat-swinging sport is yours without charge throughtout May.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (XB1)

This 2015 favourite is free from April 16 until May 15.  Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has been a recent high point for Ubisoft’s open-world historical action juggernaut.  It takes you back to the Victorian-era London and packing the affair full of thrilling and exciting escapades.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1)

Konami’s latest and expansive stealth-action game takes on more of an open-world approach.  It is pretty satisfying despite some rought edges.  Matal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was free on PS4 a few months back.  Now it’s free on Xbox One.  Snag this one from 16 May until 15 June.

Sega Vintage Collection: Streets Of Rage (XB1/360)

If you are looking for an action-packed game from a different era, you will find three of them in this collection.  This bundles up the three old-school Sega Mega Drive brawlers in one package.  The collection will be free from May 1 to 15.

Vanquish (XB1/360)

Vanquish is another Sega classic from a very different era.  Its over-the-top action and frenetic movement system is what made this 2010 shooter a cult favorite.  Watch out for it starting May 16.

Games with gold has free games every month.  This is the privilege that Xbox Gold members enjoy.  Members will have something new to play and enjoy.  With this freebie, Gold members can save 50% to 75% on games, add-ons, and more.  If you want to avail of these privileges, sign-up with Xbox Gold now.




Free Games Via Twitch

Want Something Free? Here Are Some Free Games Via Twitch!

Free games via Twitch. This is the latest prime perk by Amazon. When it comes to offering free stuff in return for a yearly subscription, Amazon is the master. It is slowly spreading to Twitch which Amazon acquired in 2014. This brings us to its latest perk, free games from Twitch every month.

The Free Games with Prime offers comes off the back of a very successful Twitch Prime Indie Amplifier. This is based on the explanation of Twitch Blog. During the promotion people were asked to watch special streams and shows to learn about a number of indie games. Votes were then cast for their favorite games. Voting was closed last March 11. A winner was picked, and Prime members got the winning game for free.

Starting March 15, all Prime + Twitch members will enjoy free games every month. Expect to get Superhot and Oxenfree for free and to keep forever if you subscribe now. Twitch also decided to offer all eight Indie Amplifier games for free over the next few months. These games include Shadow Tactics and Candlekeep. First to appear this month is Tomb to Annihilation.

Finally, Prime members will also get beat ‘em up Mr. Shifty for free this month. There will be a total of five free games for March.

Twitch announced that these games will be free for April:

• Tales from the Borderlands
• SteamWorld Dig 2
• Kingsway
• Tokyo 42
• Dubwars

You will get Twitch Prime included if you are already paying for Amazon Prime. If you have not signed up yet, make sure you do. You will enjoy the benefits of membership and the free games.

These games are there for Prime users to keep. This is the first time Amazon and Twitch have used their partnership to hand out games on a regular basis.

These free games looks like a lot of new value for Twitch Prime membership. This offer from Amazon and Twitch will truly be enjoyable to Prime users. This will also encourage more people to sign up. This way, membership will increase.

So subscribe now, if you haven’t yet, and have fun with the free games and other benefits for members.

Free downloadable apps still popular for smartphone users

People use the cliché “the best things in life are free” almost all the time. At times, people use it as their motto in life.

Well, in the app world, that cliché truly is a fact.

According to research firm Gartner Inc., about 90% of apps downloaded in smartphones all over the world are free. And those premium apps that people purchase cost $3 or less.

Gartner added that mobile app downloads will exceed 45.6 billion this year. Among these, free downloads account to 40.1 billion.

Those premium apps that aren’t as popular as those free have not been doing fairly. As the research firm reported that amongst those being paid, 90% belong to those priced $3 and below.

They added that this year, apps priced between 99 cents and $2.99 accounted for 87.5% of the paid downloads. They said by 2016 this figures will increase to 96%.

Among all the app stores in the market, the most popular is Apple’s App Store. This year alone, it has already accounted to 21 billion downloads. This figure has increased by 74% since last year.

According to research director at Gartner Brian Blau, “Apple’s market share is the largest, considering its App Store accounts for 25 percent of available apps in all stores.”

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Lookout: 5% of free apps are borderline malware

Con-artists and other unscrupulous individuals now have a new weapon to unleash their wrath to unsuspecting individuals. With technology being one of the most important things that we now have, they have jumped into the bandwagon and have used them as front to their modus.

With app developers and apps sprouting out from nowhere, it is evident that these devious criminals are going to take advantage of the situation and use this for their benefit.

Case in point, mobile security firm Lookout recently discovered that nearly half of the free Android apps in the market have been using their apps as fronts for advertising networks and services.

They also found out that about 5% of them employs “aggressive” tactics bordering on malware classification.

Lookout says that wallpaper apps include aggressive advertising at a rate of 17%. Entertainment apps and games on the other hand follow that with 8% and 7% of the aggressive pie.

Aggressive advertising implies taking the form of ads creating their own desktop shortcuts, pushing ads to a device’s notification bars and modifying the bookmarks and homepage of a device’s default web browser.

By the way, the 5% of apps involved that are borderline malware represent more than 80 million downloads.

Watch what you’re downloading and installing in your smartphone!

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