Make a restaurant reservation through Foursquare and OpenTable

Reserve your seats through FoursquareToday’s technology makes things easier for us. From communicating with a special loved one to ordering stuff from the Web, technology has seamlessly integrated itself with our day-to-day activities and has made life easier.

One such endeavor that technology has helped us a lot is through table reservations to our favorite restaurant. Instead of going to the phone and talking to the receptionist, all you have to do now is go to your smartphone and make your reservation.

That’s what Foursquare brings to us. With the Foursquare app on your mobile phone, you can now make a dinner reservation with your special loved one.

Foursquare has partnered with OpenTable to give its members the chance to reserve their tables on the list of restaurants that OpenTable offers. Currently, there are about 25,000 restaurants included in their list.

Those who are included in the list will have a “Make Reservation” button on their Foursquare pages.

Foursquare has unveiled this service a few months ago and the reactions they got from their users were great.

Foursquare is reportedly getting a small amount for every booking made through their app.

So check out Foursquare to make your reservation and make that gloomy night a splendid one!

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RIM gives a preview of apps to come with the BB10 OS

Attendees of BlackBerry Jam Americas conference had a sneak preview of what Research In Motion has for BlackBerry fans around the world.

RIM unveiled the apps that will be included in their BlackBerry10 OS when it launches sometime soon and during the Blackberry Jam Americas conference, those in attendance got a small preview of what RIM has in store.

Social Networking giant Facebook made its appearance on the conference. The Facebook app for the BlackBerry10 OS looks similar with that of the Facebook app for iOS, with shortcuts at the top and the navigation panel on the left portion of the screen.

Foursquare is also set to make a mark to BB users as Senior Software Engineer Pete Nofelt showed what the Foursquare app for BB 10 OS would look like. The great thing about the Foursquare app for BB10, and one that is unique to BlackBerry, is the BBM integration. This enables Foursquare members who use BlackBerrys to post updates to their BBM accounts and other social networks with the Foursquare app.

RIM also said that LinkedIn and Twitter are set to come up with apps for their BB10 OS, although they were not a part of the conference.

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Gather simplifies finding parties and friends

A new app was launched which enables individuals to create micro-meetups that can be shared through popular social networking and microblogging sites.

This new app called Gather was developed to help you share activities or plans in Facebook, Twitter and Forusquare. What differentiates Gather from directly postibg plans on your various social networking sites is that Gather centralizes your peers plans. This will alleviate the tedious task of checking your friends Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Say your friend is doing something nearby, Gather automatically sends you a notification through the app.
Gather was developed by Mikeal Rogers and Max Ogden. The former contributed to the development of Mozilla, Yammer and Couch One, while the latter was an open Web developer and is a Code for America fellow.

This idea is nothing new to the Web, as such services have been previously developed. What separates Gather from the rest of them is that they brand themselves not as another social network. Rather, they are marketing Gather as another tool or utility.

According to Rogers, Gather is different from same applications because “those have a lot of infrastructure behind them. Wed on’t even require an end time for ana event.”

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Smartphone FB users outnumber those using desktop computers

So what really is behind this Facebook hoopla? Are the ones that lead the charge using the traditional means (computers) or are they being overrun by tech-savvy individuals using their smartphones as a means to connect to their Facebook accounts?

Well, comScore’s new report released last Monday says that Facebook users spend more time accessing their accounts through their smartphones rather than desktop computers.

The report entitled Mobile Metrix 2.0 cites that the social networking sites members spend an average of 441 minutes or 7 hours and 21 minutes, accessing their Facebook accounts via their smartphones. In contrast, users spend about 391 minutes or 6 hours and 31 minutes, checking their FB accounts on PCs.

The report also showed that amongst all social networking accounts, individuals spend more time in their Facebook accounts the most. This includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Foursquare. The social networking mogul has about 78 million unique monthly visitors who visit the site through their smartphones.

With this development, it is good to bring up the topic of a Facebook Smartphone. If we base it on the multiple studies being done by a number of agencies then this strategy of the company could only lead them to more success.

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iPhone app allows you to stalk on women gets pulled out

An iPhone app that seems to be developed to stalk women using Foursquare has been pulled out of the iTunes app store by its developer after hoards of criticisms plagued the app.

The “Girls Around Me” app uses data from the check-in service of the location based social networking service Foursquare. The app tells you where women had checked in within your area. Foursquare initially yanked banned the app from accessing their data. The developer then decided to pull it out of the app store afterwards.

Foursquare spokesperson Laura Covington said, “This is a violation of our API policy, so we’ve reached out to the developer and shut off their API access.”

The app also enables the user to view the Facebook information of those ladies that checked-in Foursquare.

Gizmodo called the “Girls Around Me” app the world’s creepiest.

According to Fairfax Media, the app was first publicized in the Cult of Mac Blog in March 30. The editor of the blog, John Brownlee said it was “as innocent as it is insidious”.

He said, “It is just as likely to be reacted to with laughter as it is with tears. It is as much of a novelty as it has the potential to be used a tool for rapists and stalkers.”

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