Gather simplifies finding parties and friends


A new app was launched which enables individuals to create micro-meetups that can be shared through popular social networking and microblogging sites.

This new app called Gather was developed to help you share activities or plans in Facebook, Twitter and Forusquare. What differentiates Gather from directly postibg plans on your various social networking sites is that Gather centralizes your peers plans. This will alleviate the tedious task of checking your friends Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Say your friend is doing something nearby, Gather automatically sends you a notification through the app.
Gather was developed by Mikeal Rogers and Max Ogden. The former contributed to the development of Mozilla, Yammer and Couch One, while the latter was an open Web developer and is a Code for America fellow.

This idea is nothing new to the Web, as such services have been previously developed. What separates Gather from the rest of them is that they brand themselves not as another social network. Rather, they are marketing Gather as another tool or utility.

According to Rogers, Gather is different from same applications because “those have a lot of infrastructure behind them. Wed on’t even require an end time for ana event.”

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