Facebook Messenger For Kids Is Getting A Sleep Mode

Parents are getting more control over the controversial Facebook Messenger For Kids with the sleep mode feature.

The Facebook Messenger for Kids is getting a sleep mode for parents to better control the app’s usage.

The newly-added feature is something a lot of parents have been asking for. Sleep mode allows parents to make the app inaccessible during certain times. This can be during dinnertime, while the kids are doing homework, or at bedtime.

Parents can activate the sleep mode through the Parent Control center in their account. Once activated, the app will no longer be able to receive or send messages or video calls. The rest of the apps functionality such as playing with the creative camera and receiving notifications will also be disabled.

Launched in of December last year, Messenger Kids has already gotten its fair share of controversy. The app is targetted to kids from 6 to 12 years old. It does not require a Facebook account and parents are able to control which friends or family the kids can talk to. However, a lot of people feel strongly against kids having access to this kind of technology at an early age.

With the new feature, Facebook is hoping to assure more parents that they are going to great lengths to ensure the app’s safe usage.

Facebook Messenger Tests ‘Your Emoji’ Feature

Social media giant Facebook has reportedly rolled out a feature that would allow Facebook users to check their friends. The social media giant is now testing a feature called “Your Emoji.”


Facebook rolls out “Your Emoji” feature


The “Your Emoji” is a new feature rolled out in Facebook Messenger. This new feature would allow Facebook users to choose an emoji on their Messenger profile. The emoji would last only for 24 hours, according to Facebook.


Facebook’s “Your Emoji” feature is similar to Down to Lunch, an offline meetup app. Other tech users claim that is also similar to AOL Instant Messenger’s old away messages.


A screenshot of Facebook Messenger’s new feature was taken by WhatsApp blog WABetaInfo and with Matt Navarra could be viewed at Techcrunch.


Also, a Facebook Messenger spokesperson confirmed that the company is now testing the feature. The company spokesperson further explained how the feature works as published in Techcrunch.


“We’re testing the ability for people to add an emoji to their profile photo in Messenger to let their friends know what they’re up to or how they’re feeling at the moment. We’re interested to see if people enjoy this feature, but we don’t have any additional information to share at this time,” a Messenger spokesperson confirmed in a statement this week.


Moreover, the Facebook Messenger’s feature would allow users to see other’s emoji in the Active tab on the Messenger. But other tech users claim that if this new feature would be successful as it could expand to appear in both inbox and other message threads.

Facebook Messenger: You Can Now Send Money or Pay Bills Online

We all have that “one day” that we truly hate — the day of paying bills. Even I hate this particular day. Why? Because we have to face the traffic in order to go to establishments and pay the bills. We need to fall in line and wait for our turn. Sounds boring and tiring, right? But now, Facebook Messenger can help us with this kind of problem. How? Read on.

Facebook Messenger Money App

I recently updated my Messenger app and saw this new addition. It has this currency icon and is labeled “Money” and was curious so I checked it out.

In this new Money app, users can send money instantly and pay bills as well. But I am sad to tell you that this feature is nor yet available for everyone.

But for those who can access this feature, some of you might ask how to use this.

How Can I Use This New Feature?


First, you have to have a PayMaya account or GCash (For Globe Users). You may download PayMaya on Google Play Store or visit any Globe Store to register for GCash.

After being registered, just link your PayMaya account or GCash to you Facebook Messenger app. Once done, you can deposit cash to your GCash or PayMaya in order to use Messenger Money app.

There are some choices that you can choose from. This is a more convenient way to send money quickly and hassle-free. You can also buy load credits for your phone and have 5% discount.

It also has some promos like rebates and discounts when using app to pay bills and buy some stuffs.

Go cashless and be virtual now!

Facebook Messenger for Windows now available

Instant messaging has been popular ever since Yahoo released their own version of this instant messaging client. Now, big names have opted to have their own version of this popular communications tool.

With the advent of smartphones, this type of application is probably one of the most sought after apps out there in the market.

Facebook is jumping on the fray. Not wanting to lag behind Yahoo and Google, Facebook has officially introduced Facebook Messenger for Windows.

Facebook said in a statement, “You should be able to stay in touch anytime, no matter what you’re doing. So today we’re introducing Messenger, a new app that brings Facebook to your desktop.”

You need not log in to your Facebook account anymore to chat with your buddies.

All you need to do is log in to your account. Once done, you’d get notification messages and as well as be able to chat with friends. Even if you close your Web browser, you’d still be logged in. if you want to log out, you need to do this Facebook Messenger for Windows.

This app is now available for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. Unfortunately, Mac users need to wait a little longer for their app to be developed.

Image source: stuff-review.com

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