Facebook updates Facebook Messenger app for Android

Facebook Messenger appFacebook for Android rolled out its new features that includes the ability to send an SMS message to their contacts directly from the app.

Facebook Messenger’s updated version now allows users to see who they can chat with or who is online by simply sliding the left portion of the screen. You can even add Facebook friends that you normally chat with on your Favorites section so you won’t be struggling to find them on the list.

The Facebook Messenger update is now online. For iOS users, an update will soon be rolled out.

For those who don’t have a Facebook Messenger app, the social media giant has updated their Facebook for Android.

For the simple Facebook app update, it features a new button in the upper portion of your News Feeds that you can tap so that you can see who is now available to chat with. At the same time, it also shows your friends who are currently active or who are currently using the app so that you can reply to their messages instantly.

This updates are very much welcome to Facebook app and Facebook Messenger users of Android. Since this will enable them to combine two of their most beloved endeavors: chatting with friends and being updated with them.

Have you downloaded the app yet?

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Facebook app for iOS gets an update. Finally!

The most usual problem iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Facebook app users encounter is the slowness of the app.

Using the Facebook app for iOS devices have been a grueling experience to some, while others simply discard the app and use their browsers to load their accounts due to the “painfully slow” user experience that they encounter.

According to the New York Times, the sluggish performance of the Facebook app for iOS devices is because of the hybrid program language.

But this is about to change by next month, as Facebook launches their new Facebook app for iOS users.

This upgrade will enhance the experience of the users, as this eliminates the slowness of the app.

NYT’s Nick Bilton has tested the new Facebook app and said that the latter is like “putting the engine of a Smart Car in the body of a Ferrari.”

The update is built completely using Objective-C, which removes the sluggish performance of the old Facebook app which was built with HTML 5 components within an Objective-C.

Whatever it is, this update is going to be welcomed by iOS users of the Facebook app.

Are you an iOS device owner? What’s your take on the performance the old Facebook app?

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