Instagram overtakes Twitter on number of daily mobile users


Instagram has hit another milestone, as the photo sharing app just passed Twitter in daily active users on mobile last month. This is the first time that the photo sharing app owned by Facebook has passed the micro blogging site with 7.3 million users daily against 6.9 million of the latter.

ComScore showed that Instagram’s daily users have increased tremendously since March of this year. Though Twitter’s daily users have also increased, it wasn’t able to keep pace with the photo sharing app.

To Twitter’s delight, they were able to have more unique visitors than Instagram. But this unique visitors didn’t turn into Twitter believers.

ComScore added that the average hours each user stays on Instagram is about 4 hours. For Twitter members,  average daily use is of about 3 hours .

This is big news for Instagram and Facebook, as the latter is having trouble in their stock price which has fallen way beyond their initial price.

Will Facebook take advantage of Instgram’s popularity and monetize the photo sharing app? We will see in the future. But as of now, Instagram members can still enjoy their photo sharing app all they want and they better take all of it now as Facebook might rethink their plans for their 1 billion app.

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Smartphone FB users outnumber those using desktop computers

So what really is behind this Facebook hoopla? Are the ones that lead the charge using the traditional means (computers) or are they being overrun by tech-savvy individuals using their smartphones as a means to connect to their Facebook accounts?

Well, comScore’s new report released last Monday says that Facebook users spend more time accessing their accounts through their smartphones rather than desktop computers.

The report entitled Mobile Metrix 2.0 cites that the social networking sites members spend an average of 441 minutes or 7 hours and 21 minutes, accessing their Facebook accounts via their smartphones. In contrast, users spend about 391 minutes or 6 hours and 31 minutes, checking their FB accounts on PCs.

The report also showed that amongst all social networking accounts, individuals spend more time in their Facebook accounts the most. This includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Foursquare. The social networking mogul has about 78 million unique monthly visitors who visit the site through their smartphones.

With this development, it is good to bring up the topic of a Facebook Smartphone. If we base it on the multiple studies being done by a number of agencies then this strategy of the company could only lead them to more success.

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iPhone users use Wi-Fi more than Android users

A ComScore study found out that iPhone owners in US and UK consumes more of their data over Wi-Fi and their carrier’s wireless signal than users who have Android’s as their chosen smartphone OS.

The study which was done last February was released today. It showed that 71% of Americans use their iPhones both on cellular signal and Wi-Fi networks. Android users on the other hand had 32% who use both means of connection. Only 68% of iPhone users and 29% of Android users stay connected through the internet via their carrier’s network.

In the other side of the Atlantic, ComScore found out that 87% of iPhone users use both means of connection. Android users on the other hand account to 57%.

According to ComScore’s president of operator and mobile solution Serge Matta, “In the UK, the scarcity of unlimited data plans and higher incidence of smartphone prepaid contracts with pay-as-you-go data model likely contributes to data offloading among users wanting to economize their mobile usage. In addition, the current lack of high-speed data networks in the UK might also lead users to seek out higher bandwidth capacity on Wi-Fi networks.”

In the US, the majority of those who use Wi-Fi and cellular networks are those who are under AT&T followed by Verizon and T-Mobile. UK on the other hand is led by Vodafone followed by Orange and Telefonica.

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