#166 Loot Crate Goes Bankrupt!!

Loot Crate, the company known for its gamer gear and monthly collectible boxes files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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#19 Don’t Upgrade Your iPhone Yet

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If you weren’t one of the lucky few able to get your hands on a 500 Million Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Pro this morning, there is a silver lining: the limited edition accessories can still be obtained.

Because only 50,000 of these beauties were produced, chances of getting one were always slim. However, Sony is also selling the 500 Million Limited Edition DualShock 4 and the Gold 500 Million Limited Edition Headset separately and they are still up for grabs.

Windows 95 Is Now Available as an App for Windows, macOS and Linux

Felix Rieseberg, a software engineer at Slack has released Windows 95 as an app for Windows, Mac or Linux. It’s a 100MB Electron app that you can install and run on Windows, Mac or even Linux computers.

In a GitHub post, developer Felix Rieseberg explains that you’ll get the full Windows 95 experience after installing and running the new Electron app. The size of the Windows 95 Electron app is around 100MB and it actually works well on Windows 10 devices.

Sony’s cute — and super smart — robot dog is coming to the US

The company announced on Thursday its popular robot dog Aibo is returning to the US in September for the first time since 2006. The dog debuted in the 1990s in Japan, but excitement fizzled as cheaper robots entered the market.

Last year, the company debuted a smarter version with OLED eyes, facial recognition technology and the ability to develop a personality through artificial intelligence. It’s also packed with cameras and image sensors to detect and analyze sounds and images. Sony says Aibo’s main purpose right now is to be a companion robot.

How Google’s rumored ‘Campfire’ dual-boot Chromebooks may burn Microsoft

The rumored “Campfire” code name for a solution that brings Windows and Chrome OS together on Chromebooks resonates with the concept of a real campfire that brings people together. In a twist consistent with the adage of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer, Google bringing Windows to Chromebooks is a self-serving strategy to amplify its attacks against Windows PCs.

Now is the worst time to buy a new iPhone

In other words, if you want an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus now, you might want to wait a few weeks until the new models come out. You’ll save hundreds of dollars. There’s just one caveat: some reports have suggested Apple will retire the current version of the iPhone X and replace it with the newer models. Even still, in a few weeks you’ll find great deals on gently used versions of the iPhone X.

Dying Light Bad Blood hands-on: possibly the most interesting battle royale copycat to date

Ultimately, this is still about a helicopter dropping you onto an island, but there’s a few catches and wrinkles to this standard formula. For one, the island is infested with NPC zombies. Second, you’re not just tasked with surviving – your mission is actually to collect blood samples from hives, gross little fleshy mounds growing out in the world. These hives obviously become a focal point for rival players, but they’re also guarded by swarms of zombies – with more valuable hives guarded by multiple high-end, meat-sponge undead. Samples can also be collected from the corpses of slain players.

Here’s around 50 minutes of raw World War 3 gameplay

World War 3, at least in its current state, is a much darker and more drab looking game than Battlefield 4, but there’s no denying where the game takes inspiration from. But it’s not just Battlefield, either, there are certainly some light-ARMA in there with the more realistic approach to weapons and recoil.

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HP Unveils $599 Chromebook x2 with Detachable Keyboard

HP unveils the Chromebook X2, its iPad Pro challenger.

(Credit: HP)

The Palo Alto-based company just launched their first Chromebook detachable. Dubbed the Chromebook x2, it is technically a tablet with a keyboard dock and a stylus support.

The HP Chromebook has a 12.3-inch screen and a 2400×1600 resolution IPS display. The device ships with the HP Active Pen HP Active Pen for sketching, blending, and writing capabilities. The keyboard dock includes a full-sized keyboard, a Bang and Olufsen speaker system and a trackpad.

HP latest offering runs on a Core m3 processor with 4 or 8gb RAM, and a 32GB expandable storage (up to 64GB). It comes with a 5-megapixel front camera and 13-megapixel back camera.

All these specifications, along with access to the Google Play Store, aim to attract users with a high-performing device but is also flexible for entertainment use.

For connectivity, the Chromebook x2 has two USB-C ports, a microSD card slot and a headphone jack. The device has an estimated 10.5 hours of battery life.

It seems that more and more companies are turning to the Google’s OS-run devices. Two weeks ago, Acer also unveiled their tablet running Chrome OS.

The HP Chromebook x2 has a price tag of $599 and will be available on June 10.


Apple Unveils Latest iPad that Supports the Apple Pencil

Apple’s latest iPad now supports the Apple Pencil

The star of Wednesday’s Apple event was of course the newly-launched iPad with Apple Pencil support.

Physically, there isn’t anything new to the company’s most popular tablet. It still has the same 9.7 inch screen, bezels, Touch ID sensor, button placement, and cameras. What’s new however, is it’s support for the Apple Pencil. And on the inside, the update to the latest A10 processor.

Now you don’t have to shell out big bucks for the Pro lineup to make use of Apple’s celebrated pencil. Starting at $299 for schools and $329 for the general public, it is literally the same price as the previous model. Although it isn’t the $259 budget iPad pricing that it was rumoured to be, it is still a good price base with its added Pencil support.

Do note that the Apple Pencil doesn’t ship with the iPad. You can opt to purchase the Pencil priced at $99 for consumers and $89 for schools.

If you think the price is too steep for the Pencil, fret not. Along with the new iPad reveal, Apple also announced that Logitech is creating its own stylus dubbed the Crayon. At $49, this is a cheaper alternative to the Pencil.

In the launch, the Cupertino-based company also introduced a slew of new apps that are targeted to the education sector. These new apps, along with a usable Pencil on the cheaper iPad are aimed to gain their footing back in schools.

Five years ago, iPads dominated the schools and accounted for half of all mobile devices shipped to US schools. However, Chromebooks now currently dominate the classrooms with 60% shipments in the US alone.

Sales for the iPad has been declining in the last three years, and Apple hopes that the new features they have introduced would bring back their glory days in campuses.

Lenovo Released Its Education Focused Chromebook and ThinkPad Laptops

Lenovo’s newest laptops are focused and designed specifically for classrooms.

It includes three new Chromebook laptops and two ThinkPad laptops. These five laptops are Lenovo ThinkPad 11e, ThinkPad 11e Yoga, 500e Chromebook, 300e Chromebook, and 100e Chromebook. The Windows of the two laptops, 100e and 300e were also announced.

“Chromebooks are hardened for education environments”, Lenovo said. It has rubber bumpers, reinforced ports and hinges, and anchored keyboards. The new education portfolio is MIL-SPEC tested which includes drop testing so expect that whether you drop these laptops by accident, it will not easily break. Because it is designed for students to use in schools, the laptops feature software tools, such as Lenovo LanSchool and AirClass, Google Classroom, and G Suite for Education.


The new Lenovo 500e Chromebook has an 11.6-inch HD IPS display, multi-mode form factor, 5-megapixel world-facing camera, and an Intel Celeron quad core N3450 processor. It only weighs 1.35kg and comes with 8GB RAM and 64GN internal storage. The 500e is said to launch later this month for $349.

The 300e Chromebook is powered by the MediaTek 8173C ARM processor. It has an improved ten-point multi-touch HD IPS display. The 300e is available with Windows 10 that comes with a pen support or Google’s Chrome OS. The Windows 10 model features Intel Apollo Lake processors. It weighs 1.35kg and will be available from January 2018 for Windows and February 2018 for Chrome OS. The price starts at $279.

The Lenovo 100e Chromebook is powered by an Intel Celeron N3350 processor with a11.6-inch HD antiglare display. It is also available in Windows 10 or Google Chrome’s OS. The 100e is much lighter at 1.22kg only. It is expected to be available in January 2018 for the Windows version and March 2018 for the Chrome OS. The price starts at $219.

The ThinkPad 11e and ThinkPad 11e Yoga is Lenovo’s 5th generation release. Both laptops have an 11.6-inch HD IPS display. Lenovo said that these laptops are “thinner and lighter than the previous generation”. Windows-version laptops are powered by the latest Intel N series processors. Moreover, the ThinkPad 11e Yoga has a garaged pen feature for easier storage. It also has world-facing camera to enable picture and videos recording in tablet mode. These two laptops will be available from February 2018. The Yoga 11e’s price is at $429 while the 11e Yoga is at $499.

A new homepage for Google

Google’s homepage has been minimalist since its inception. The company’s logo with a little box for your search query and two buttons welcome you to their site and that’s about it. If you compare it to their rivals like Yahoo!, it certainly looks bland and boring.
It seems like Google’s minimalist homepage have its days numbered. The company has begun testing a new design for their website. If visitors click the logo, a menu pops out revealing Google’s top services (Google+, Search, Images, Maps, YouTube, News, Gmail and Documents) add to that a “More” option with submenus that gives you access to Reader, Calendar, Books and Shopping.
The design is still not available to all users. The upgraded homepage can be viewed by selected individuals in English language markets.
It’s obvious that Google is pushing for their social networking website, Google+, to the top. The company has placed it in the topmost portion over their other services. This comes as a much needed push for the young site.
The new look resembles Google’s Web-dependent Chrome OS that is available on selected Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer. Chromebooks have been in the market for over a year.
Google’s minimalist design started in the 90’s when they had a logo, search bar and button and an “I’m feeling lucky” tab.
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