Samsung undecided whether to buy RIM or license BB10

As speculations arose that bombing company Research In Motion is going to be bought by Korean tech firm Samsung, a new glimmer of hope peeks through the cloudy night haze.

RIM, the developer of the once famous BlackBerry devices, has seen a significant drop in their sales and market performance, due to heated competition which left them behind to pick up the pieces that they left. Even the BlackBerry PlayBook failed to compete with other tablets that are being run by Android and the iOS.

But according to an analyst at the Jeffries Investment Banking Group named Perter Misek, “Samsung is considering ramping up its internal development efforts, licensing BB10 or buying RIM. Samsung is undecided.”

After Misek’s report was released, shares of RIM climbed up by 4.2% to $7.62 per share at the close of the trading day in New York.

RIM is very positive with their BlackBerry 10 operating system and the devices that will be running their latest OS. They are hoping that their BB10 will be their great white hope that could lead them once again to the top of the market.

Can RIM bounce back or will it be wise if they sell the company or license the BB10 to Samsung?

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BlackBerry Playbook and BlackBerry Handset connection not secure

A group of researchers have found a way to tap into your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and BlackBerry handset. The connection between your two devices has a weakness that lets hackers tap into your corporate e-mail.

Zach Lanier and Ben Nell of Intrepidus Group revealed the PlayBook deficiencies at the Infiltrate Conference last week.

Dennis Fisher of Threatposts explain that weakness would enable the attacker to rap into your connection between your tablet and BlackBerry smartphone. The Bluetooth connection between the two in BlackBerry’s bridge application, enables them to access their corporate email, calendar entries and other data on the PlayBook.

The researchers found a way to find and use the authentication token that is being shared by the two gadget during the Bridge connections as a user, connect to the PlayBook and enable them to access the user’s email and other information. They said that the PlayBook’s OS places the authentication token for the Bridge sessions in a terrible spot that can be read by anybody who know how to find it.

Lanier said, “while the bridge is active, the token is in a place that is essentially world readable. The .all file being in a place that is world readable is the thing that causes the problem with the Bridge sessions.”

Fisher also reported that the team was also able to find that the file names in the BlackBerry app store can be predicted. This allows the user to simply increment the file name to a number and download an app he/she wants.

In a statement released by RIM, “the BlackBerry PlayBook issue described at the Infiltrate security conference has been resolved with BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, which is scheduled to be available as a free download to customers in February 2012. there are no known exploits, and risk is mitigated by the fact that a user would need to install and run a malicious application after initiating a BlackBerry Bridge connection with their BlackBerry smartphone.”

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Angry Birds now available in RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook

Research In Motion, the maker of BlackBerry, finally announced Wednesday that Angry Birds will now be available in their PlayBook device.

Due to their less-than-stellar sales of the PlayBook which sold less than a million units, RIM is slowly changing its course and moving away from being perceived as business-focused and is entering the consumer arena. The popular game from Rovio Entertainment and its sequels, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons, may help shift that image.

The company also admits that a they still have a high inventory of the product which means that they have to do more legwork in terms of promotional activities. The delay of the release of the second version of the device’s OS (to be released on February) was also partly to blame.

All three versions of the game are available in the BlackBerry App World at $4.99 each. The games are not yet available for Blackberry smartphones though as these run on a different and older operating system.

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