Samsung undecided whether to buy RIM or license BB10


As speculations arose that bombing company Research In Motion is going to be bought by Korean tech firm Samsung, a new glimmer of hope peeks through the cloudy night haze.

RIM, the developer of the once famous BlackBerry devices, has seen a significant drop in their sales and market performance, due to heated competition which left them behind to pick up the pieces that they left. Even the BlackBerry PlayBook failed to compete with other tablets that are being run by Android and the iOS.

But according to an analyst at the Jeffries Investment Banking Group named Perter Misek, “Samsung is considering ramping up its internal development efforts, licensing BB10 or buying RIM. Samsung is undecided.”

After Misek’s report was released, shares of RIM climbed up by 4.2% to $7.62 per share at the close of the trading day in New York.

RIM is very positive with their BlackBerry 10 operating system and the devices that will be running their latest OS. They are hoping that their BB10 will be their great white hope that could lead them once again to the top of the market.

Can RIM bounce back or will it be wise if they sell the company or license the BB10 to Samsung?

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