Most Used Applications When it Comes to Communication

Most Popular Applications Used In Communication

Applications are now used in communication. With modernization and technology, communication has never been easier. But with numerous apps to choose from, there are those applications which are popular and most used when communicating.


This app can be downloaded for free from your respective operating store. Messenger is a product of Facebook. It has over one hundred billion users to date. It is also called Facebook Messenger. This app can be used without logging in to Facebook. It is supported by all operating systems. It has the same functions. But its looks depend on the operating system in use.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the second most popular messaging app globally. Over one billion users have downloaded it. It has grown in leaps and bound after its acquisition by Facebook. Its improved features is one of the reasons why it has gained more users. WhatsApp does not have any advertisements. That is why people prefer this. In addition, it is free and can be downloaded easily.


The origin of this app can be traced to China. It has an added feature, that is you can find new friends nearby by shaking your smartphone. You can also use its GPS function. This app is free, thus making its subscribers grow more and more.


Line has over 200 million users. This is a free app which allows its users to make calls and send messages. This app is popular in Asian countries. Its features include line group, video and voice calls, line timelines, and line stickers. Users can also play games. But you need to register first to have access to its games.


This is also a free social chatting app. Its 174 million users globally in 2003 has increased through out the years. Just like other messaging apps, you can make voice calls, send messages, and share photos with friends.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

You can have fun with features like picture sharing, voice calls, and voice notes. It brings friends and family close r. In the past, only BlackBerry users can have access to this app. But today, it can be downloaded for free on your Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. BBM has security features for its users.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram is the newest of all the apps. Its developers did their best to upgrade it to ensure satisfaction of its users. One of its interesting features is the bots. It also has seamless integration between various devices, tablets and PCs included. The conversation is stored in the cloud and synced across all registered devices. The problem with this app is its failing crypto inscription. But despite the challenges Telegram has encountered, it has gained popularity.


Kakaotalk is somewhat similar to WhatsApp Messenger. It automatically synchronizes the contact list on your phone. It boasts of fast video calls. This app is popular in South Korea. This app is free and can be installed easily.


IMO is an app that allows its users to make free video and voice calls alongside instant messaging. But this is not a popular app for young people.


This is the favorite video calling app globally. It offers efficient instant messaging. It has a professional appeal and can transfer files easily. Emojis are available for you to use. It can be downloaded for free on your PCs and devices.


Teenagers surround this because of its amazing Snapchat facts. It enables live video conversations. Instant messaging is the catch and it can be downloaded for free.


It is just like any messaging app. But it does not use phone numbers. The users have usernames and a group chat can hold up to 50 people.

These apps have been parts of our daily routine. They keep friends, family, acquaintances, and others in touch with each other. This may be for pleasure, business, or any other purposes. As users of this app, let us give credit to its developers and show our appreciation for their efforts. We must use this apps properly as it was developed to help us make communication faster and easier.

BlackBerry Sues Social Media Apps Over Messaging Patents

BlackBerry sues social media apps Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram for allegedly copying its core concepts in mobile messaging app design.

These social media apps used the concept of its messaging app design for their benefit. According to BlackBerry, the company’s proprietary and patent-protected messaging product BlackBerry Messenger, commonly known as BBM, was a cornerstone in modern mobile communication.

The company is contending that its intellectual property has been infringed upon by Facebook. That Facebook is “using a number of the innovative security, user interface, and functionality enhancing features that made BlackBerry’s products such a critical and commercial success in the first place.”.

On December 2016 BlackBerry sold the rights to Chinese multinational TLC. These rights include the design, manufacture, and sale of BlackBerry branded products. This leaves BlackBerry in charge of the company’s software and mobile security products.

BlackBerry sues Facebook for infringing its patent. This patent covers displaying a count of unread messages on a notification dot.

These patents also cover cryptographic techniques to protect user privacy. It also covers the mixing of mobile gaming and mobile messaging. These patents also cover the now-obiquitous user interface elements of mobile messaging products.
Blackberry is asking for redress for the harm caused by social media apps Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram for their unlawful use of its intellectual property. The redress may include injunctive relief and monetary damages, according to the complainant.

According to the statement given to Cheddar by Facebook Deputy General Counsel Paul Grewal, “BlackBerry’s suit reflects the current state of its messaging business. Having abandoned its efforts to innovate, BlackBerry is now looking to tax the innovation of others. We intend to fight.”

This law suit of BlackBerry against the social media apps Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram may one way or the other affect their users. It may cause confusion among them and most probably instill doubts on them as to the efficiency of these social media apps’ services. Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon. And that both the complainant and the defendants of this case will be given justice. That both parties will gain from it. And that justice will be served where it is due.

RIM Blackberry 10 hopes for your happy “thumb” to multitask on its own

Even though the company is slowly fading into oblivion, we still know about RIM and the now infamous Blackberry. The company has been struggling the most in the new era of smartphones, which is ironic because RIM was once the leader of the smartphone community. In fact, the Blackberry was what used to define the smartphone.

Times have changed since the iPhone was launched. The touch screen device with an interface centered on Apps created by third party developers has become the most successful business model yet. The iPhone indeed changed and revolutionized the definition of what a smartphone is. The iPhone model was the same model used by the now dominant Android operating system, which runs on more than 50% of the market.

Ever since then, RIM and their Blackberry devices began losing ground. They even lost corporate partners when the “bring your own phone” trend began in the corporate world. People brought in their iPhone and their Android handsets.

Nokia, another mobile brand has begun their rebirth into the mobile world thanks to Windows 8. It is apparent that more than hardware, today’s consumer is very much focused on what your software can offer as well. For a while, Blackberry tried to survive with their dated system, but that was to no avail.

They began work on the Blackberry 10, an operating system that was meant to finally take RIM out of the hole it was in. Unfortunately, several technical issues during its development pushed the operating system’s release further back two times. In fact, it is still not ready, and they can’t even promise it to be ready before Christmas. It looks like RIM and their Blackberry 10 will miss out on this year’s shopping spree.

Despite the poor timing and availability, RIM is very optimistic about their Blackberry 10. They announced that it was nearly complete, and they have created its interface centered on touch and one finger navigation.

You got that right. The new Blackberry 10 aims to address what Apple and their iPhone design was trying to point out, that phones should be easily navigated by one thumb alone. While the iPhone’s dimensions do permit you to reach all parts of the screen with just your thumb, many interface elements still require you to use two fingers, and most of the time, this involves two hands.

The new thumb gestures implemented on the new Blackberry 10 are supposed to allow you to access the entire interface and navigate your data with just one thumb. Nicknamed “Blackberry Flow” these one thumb gestures allow you to quickly access several of the apps and services installed in the device, as well as the all new Blackberry Hub.

The new Blackberry Hub is the center of all the information that you want. You control what appears on the hub, like notifications from your social networks, emails, SMS, calendar and other information you decide. It’s always on, and is always accessible from anywhere within the OS.

Their new “Peek” function is their take on multitasking, allowing a quick look at a function going on in another app. You can then proceed to continue with what you are doing, or proceed to the app and directly interact with it.

Speaking of multitasking, open apps can actually be minimized and placed on the “desktop”, still showing the information on the small “tile” or “widget”-like interface. It makes it easy to switch between things you are doing. Everything looked very fluid.

RIM also promises that the new Blackberry will have a very fast browser. So fast, that they are even so bold to say that it is faster than a desktop browser. We will be sure to watch out for that.

The new Blackberry 10 also seeks to be a world phone as they implement a new idea in predictive text. It predicts in multiple languages  as you go. It was demonstrated that in Blackberry 10, the user was quickly able to type and get predictions in Spanish, English and French.

Apparently, carriers already have had a look at the capabilities of the new Blackberry 10. As RIM puts it, they are certainly excited and certainly eager to promote the new Blackberry OS. Will you give Blackberry a chance next year?

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Status Shuffler app for BlackBerry to update your BBM status

One of the few bright spots that show that there is still a flicker of hope for Canadian tech firm Research In Motion, is its BlackBerry Messaging service.

BlackBerry and its BBM app enables individuals to send and receive files with their contacts, be able to have a chat with them or with a group of individuals, play a game with a contact and change status manually or via a third party application.

One such app that enables you to change your BlackBerry Messenger status is the Status Shuffler for BBM which was developed by SRID games.

Status Shuffler enables you to change your BBM status via a single press of a button. Status Shuffler posts a status either from a quote, sayings, one-liners and others. It has about 15 categories that you can choose from. Categories include relationship quotes, inspirational, funny and friendship quotes.

You can select to choose a time for you to let Status Shuffler change your BBM status.

Status Shuffler can be downloaded in the BlackBerry App World. It has a free version while the premium version costs you around $1.99 and can be installed in BlackBerry units with OS 5 or up.

Check it out and let your status be the talk of the town.

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BlackBerry Curve 9310: Simplicity at your finger tips

Want a solid smartphone but feel tired of all the hoopla behind the iOS and the Android operating systems? Well, Research In Motion might have something for you.

RIM has been trying to penetrate the market of the masses with their BlackBerry Curve line of devices. Though not as great as those on the upper tiered phones of BlackBerry, the Curve line still is a great phone but don’t expect too much from it.

And if you want to get your hands on a Curve device, feel free to try on the BlackBerry Curve 9310.

The Curve 9310 is released by Verizon and Boost Mobile. The device has the all familiar BlackBerry QWERTY keypad and a 3.2 MP rear facing camera with a BlackBerry 7.1 OS installed.

The device has a 2.44 inch LCD screen that has a 320 x 240 resolution. The images isn’t that sharp since the LCD is in lower resolution.

What’s great about this phone is that it’s a BlackBerry, though nowadays that name isn’t at all the great. What we mean by that is that it comes with the BlackBerry Messaging service.

For $50 you can have the BlackBerry Curve 9310 locked up. So it’s affordable and you can add $45 on top of it to have unlimited texting, calling and BBM.

Verizon’s unlimited plan will cost you $80 per month.

Try the Blackberry Curve 9310 and see what made BlackBerry “CrackBerry”.

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BBM still exclusive to BlackBerry users

Research in Motion revolutionized the smartphone business when they introduced the BlackBerry in the market. The company lorded it over business enterprises and businessmen and changed mobile communications forever.

Although RIM is now finding it difficult to survive in these tough times, BlackBerry loyalists are still there, keeping their hopes up and wishing that their beloved company could bounce back.

If there is one thing that BlackBerry is very well known for, it has to be  their instant messaging app BlackBerry Messenger.

Two months ago, RIM top honchos tried to figure out how to capitalize on BBM’s popularity. Sources have leaked that RIM had plans to create a BBM for iOS and Android devices.

But RIM CEO, Throsten Heins, told the Wall Street Journal that those are mere speculations and rumors. The report added that Research in Motion is committed into giving its BBM users new capabilities and improve the app.

According to Research in Motion, there are about 55 million BBM users today. This figure has grown from 5.3 million back in January of 2009.

The Wall Street Journal also said in their report, “Teenagers still embrace BBM for its quick and free instant messaging, and it’s easy to use contact list of friends. Security professionals, police, firefighter and ambulance drivers have come to rely on it as one of the most dependable forms of electronic communications.”

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Updates for BBM, Facebook, Twitter apps for BlackBerry released

It was a terrible 2011 for Research In Motion. Change of leaderships and a ton of problems have shaken up the company.

Now, they are trying to get back into shape and take the world by storm starting with their plans of updating the BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and Twitter apps for their OS. The updates come after a long wait for their subscribers. Can this be the start of the BlackBerry resurgence?

The Facebook mobile app for the BlackBerry was updated. The updates include a much improved BBM Connect integration including the ability to share a specific post with a BBM contact. The user interface was also updated and now has easier access to privacy setting.

The Twitter app on the other hand was also updated. It now has the same BBM Connect integration, Twitter photo service integration, URL shortening feature, an updated Tweet layout.

For the popular BlackBerry Messenger service, the improvements are not as elaborate as the previous two. They now have an animated display picture. it now has streamlined voice notes.

Improvements on BlackBerry Tags were also done. The Search was also tweaked to give you a better BlackBerry experience.

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