Google Is Bringing ARCore To China, Partners With Xiaomi App Store

The search giant is bringing ARCore apps for augmented reality (AR) experiences to the Red Dragon.

There’re really no stopping Google in their quest to expand their market in China. The search giant is making its ARCore apps for AR available in the country through Xiaomi’s App Store. The announcement was made through it’s official Twitter account.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2S smartphones are the first to have this feature. Google will soon add more partners.

Most of Google’s core services such as Google Play are blocked or restricted in China. However, the apps based on ARCore will be able to function because it can work on devices even without cloud support. Once the apps are downloaded, China’s internet censors won’t be able to stop them anymore.

Google is also amping up its presence in the country by partnering with its local handset makers such as Xiaomi and Huawei. Both operate their own app stores which are already preloaded on their devices.

This is not the only effort that Google is doing to penetrate the Chinese market further.In recent months, the company has struck a partnership with Tencent and invested in a few tech startups. Additionally, it also announced a Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based lab in Beijing.

In September, Google is also hosting its s first Demo Day programme for startups in Asia in Shanghai.


Google Video App Rolls Out AR Stickers To Android Devices

Search giant Google has rolled out this week the Augmented Reality or AR stickers to various Android devices. This means that both Google Pixel or Pixel 2 owners can now use the AR sticker ability on their devices.


Google brings AR Stickers to Android smartphones


The AR sticker ability, according to Google, is built on Google’s Motion Stills app. The app could actually convert both live photos and ordinary videos in a short video with several effects.


One of the Motion Stills app’s features is the ability to stabilize the shaky video. Among other features include the ability to combine multiple video clips. The app also features a motion text that could follow other elements of the video. The app also has the ability to convert videos into cinemagraphs.


And using the gyroscope, putting AR stickers in any Android-powered devices is really possible through the Motion Stills app. The search engine giant had earlier used the ARCore Android technology as its approach to AR stickers.


Moreover, Google disclosed that the company is using the instant motion tracking as one of the approaches in Motion Stills. To demonstrate, motion instant motion tracking works, say for instance, if you pick a hard object and putting it on a hard surface while pointing your camera.


The object that was placed on a flat surface sticks in the view while it tracks the various movements, changing the size of the object accordingly. Also, researchers in Google explained that the Motion Stills AR stickers are still in experimental status.



“Because we treat rotation and translation separately, our instant motion tracking approach is calibration-free and works on any Android device with a gyroscope,” Google programmers Jianing Wei and Tyler Mullen said in the blog post this week.