Snapchat’s New Snappables Lets You Play AR Games With Friends

Snapchat just unveiled Snappables, its latest augmented reality playable filters.

Snap today is rolling out Snappables, augmented reality filters for games that are playable with friends. According to the company, the AR filters are going to be available this week on both iOS and Android.

Similar to the company’s popular Lenses, Snappables are accessible by clicking on the background of a photo or video that a user is about to take. It will be offering both high score and multiplayer games. As with the nature of AR, users will have to utilise touch, motion and facial expressions to play the games.

This update was first spotted by the Killer Features blog in Snapchat’s codes. However, it was originally thought to be a collaborative Snap creation.

Adding games to the app is actually not new for Snap, having done this before mostly in partnership with brands. In 2016, it added a Kraft Mac and Cheese noodle game. The company also previously worked with Gatorade in providing interactive experiences to the users.

Snap is definitely doing its best to gain back its user base. With Instagram’s Stories and Facebook’s similar feature, they are loosing out a lot in that front. It’s redesign that switched to algorithm-based feeds didn’t help either.

According to Snap’s blog announcement, new Snappables are going to be released every week. Have fun!

Tamagochi lands on iOS and Android

My Tamagochi Forever (Credit: Bandai)

90s kids rejoice! Tamagochi, our beloved digital pet, has finally moved out of its err..eggshell and made its way to our handphone devices.

Here’s a brief history lesson to those unfamiliar with this pint-sized pocket pet:

  • It is created by Bandai, a Japanese toy company
  • The first Tamagochis were released in 1996 in Japan and in 1997 worldwide
  • It is a digital pet that needs tending to otherwise they actually die
  • Bandai (now Bandai Namco) released a newer, smaller version in 2017
  • It was first announced in November last year that the electronic pet will be available on mobile as My Tamagochi Forever
Tamagochi Electornic Pets

The app, now available for download for both iOS and Android, utilizes the ever-popular Freemium model where users can download the game for free but can opt to purchase or watch ads for bonuses and perks.

Although the app still has the original characters and has the same goal – taking care of your virtual pet –  it has a few differences to the electronic toy that took over the 90s by storm.

Aside from updated graphics, the app is also AR-ready. Users can explore the communal town called Tamatown where the pets to interact with others. There are also a few mini games that users can play within the app that rewards you with more coins and unlocks the different levels available in the game. You can now have multiple characters as well and you can even pick their outfits. And now with the touchscreen capabilities of smartphones and tables, users can pet and tickle their Tamagochis.

What they didn’t take away from the original game? The amount of poop that the pets can make. Apparently, this pint-sized pet can still generate quite a surprising amount from eating mostly apples and chocolate bars.

Throwback feels anyone?

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