2019 iPhone Will Have Triple-lens Camera Setup and 3D Vision

Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu claims one iPhone model will come with three camera lenses.

(Image Credit: ZDNet)

If recent reports are to be believed, expect to see a triple-lens camera setup on next year’s iPhones. Apple is reportedly building a new iPhone model with three lenses to support 3D depth sensing and enhanced zoom.

The information comes from Taiwanese site Economic Daily News citing a research note from Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu. According to Lu, AR imagery is a high probability of being the main specification of the iPhone in 2019.

A triple-lens camera setup will enable two of the sensors to capture images of an object from different angles. Also, a triangulation method is employed to get the distance between the iPhone and the object. This will improve the phone’s 3D sensing via stereo vision for augmented reality (AR).

Additionally, the third lens would have a longer focal length for enhanced zoom function. This could have an output of 3x optical zoom. To compare, the latest iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X has 2x optical zoom functions.

If this information is accurate, Apple would only be second to Huawei in having a triple-lens setup. The latter introduced its triple-lens rear camera with the Huawei P20 Pro.


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What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Database Technology

Using a database is a necessary asset to making your business as efficient as possible. Every computer program contains a database that keeps track of important data. Here is basic information about database technology that small business owners should know about.


The Different Types of Database Technologies

Business owners need to manage and store large amounts of information that they generate from their activities. According to Object Rocket, a database is a computer system used to store indexed information. And in the age of big data, there’s a lot of information that needs storing. Its usage is the most effective solution to organize data by date, title, serial number, etc.



First, there is the tracking and management of your company’s inventory. Use database software to track every piece of inventory that enters and exit the building. Use barcode scanners to avoid writing down the information by hand and have it automatically sent to the computer. You’ll need this database to prevent thefts, losses and product shortages from reducing the quality of your business.



Professionals need customer relationship management (CRM) software to track information about sales leads and customers. Store owners use CRM software programs that contain the customers’ names along with their addresses and phone numbers. More advanced types of software provide additional data, such as the types of purchases made, total amount spent and individual buying habits.



Use a computerized database system if you have more than a few employees to look after. Start by entering the basics of each employee’s hours, address, and wages. Include a separate section for commissions, taxes, and payroll. Some accounting software has entire sections that are devoted to managing payroll. Choose the right software program based on your company’s unique needs.


Reporting and Data Analysis

The most advanced database programs allow you to create reports and make predictions about the company’s success. Based on past and current sales data, make trends about future sales. Use this tool to analyze data and engage in actions that benefit the company. According to Klipfolio, data analysis starts by identifying Key Performance Indicators – metrics that you can measure that will answer the question “how are we doing?”


All companies need systems to store vast amounts of the information in one place. A database makes it easy to review, edit and store data about any important activity, whether it’s writing paychecks or collecting receipts. All databases are computerized nowadays and easily accessible with a few clicks of a computer mouse. It’s necessary that you learn more about database technologies and the importance of using these programs.

Coinbase Just Bought Earn.com For Over $100 Million

Coinbase just announced their acquisition of Earn.com, the company’s most significant M&A to date.

(Credit: Earn.com)

Coinbase, one of the largest U.S. cryptocurrency trading platforms, just acquired Earn.com in a deal slightly more than $100 million. It includes payments in cash, stock, and cryptocurrency assets.

Founded in 2013, the US startup allows senders to pay users in digital currency for replying to emails and completing tasks. It also lets companies preparing to hold an ICO to airdrop tokens to its users in exchange for feedback. The company started as a hardware maker for bitcoin mining and was originally known as 21.co.

The deal also put Earn.com co-founder and CEO Balaji Srinivasan as Coinbase’s first CTO. This is a huge part of the deal’s appeal as Srinivasan is a highly valued individual in Silicon Valley. He was a former Andreessen Horowitz partner and an early cryptocurrency advocate.

“With Coinbase’s user base and distribution muscle, I think it could hit $100 million in ARR in a few months,” Srinivasan told TechCrunch. He adds that he is excited about the road ahead with the partnership.

Earn also announced the partnership in their website. “Paid email is already one of the first truly useful applications of the blockchain. With Coinbase, we think we can prove that at scale.”

The deal doesn’t come as a complete surprise as Coindesk reported last month that Coinbase and Earn.com were in talks over a deal.


God of War: Sony Announces God Of War PS4 Pro Bundle

On Wednesday, Sony has announced that it would release the God of War in the coming months. The release date, according to Sony, will mark the company’s first PS4 exclusive. In fact, the God of War is the first game in a series to be released in five years.


If you are an avid fan of God of War, then certainly you will be really excited about the game’s reboot. Sony has set the game’s release date on April 20 and gamers could buy the game for a low price.


God of War PlayStation Pro Bundle: Release Date, Price


You can buy the God of War PlayStation Pro Bundle for a retail price of $400 in the US. In Canada, the game bundle is $500 and you can pre-order the game here. Sony said that the game bundle comes with a newly designed console and controller.

The console comes in various colors like primarily silver and grey, with some yellow and dark grey highlights. Sony also noted that the standard console device is 1 TB PS4 Pro. Apart from the game console and controller, gamers could also get a physical copy of the game including unspecified digital content.


The game’s digital content and the physical copy will be released on April 20. All these things would cost $400 in the US (the same price as a standard PS4 Pro) and $500 CAD.


In case you don’t know, before God of War, Sony had released the first game series back in 2013, the God of War: Ascension. Gamers should expect some new features and tones because this time it talks about Norse mythology.

Faulty Nexus 5X Owners On Project Fi Now Get Moto X4 Android One As Replacements

Nexus 5X, the Google’s innovative smartphone has yet to prove that it is one of the most reliable phones on the market. Nexus 5X has earned good reviews despite the news that the smartphone was stuck in a boot loop.



To stem the tide of controversy hounding the Google Nexus 5X, the company has offered owners replacements. But when the replacements ran out, the search giant offered frustrated owners credits. But this strategy seems to be abandoned anytime soon.


Why? Because Google is planning to give owners a new innovative smartphone. The search giant is offering those affected customers with Lenovo Moto X4. However, the company clarified that only those customers who subscribed to Google Project F. Also, this offering won’t come cheap because customers are to pay a certain fee for device protection amounting to $69.


Lenovo Moto X4 specs and features


Smartphone enthusiasts described the Lenovo Moto X4 as “pretty nice” compared to Google’s Nexus 5X. While the Nexus 5X had utilized a flagship chip when it was released publicly, Qualcomm’s midrange chips are said to be more powerful when compared to Nexus 5X.


What’s inside the Lenovo Moto X4 is Qualcomm Snapdragon 630. The chip is considered to be like midrange chips. The phone comes with various storage capacity: 3GB or 4GB of RAM, and 32GB or 64GB of storage.


Aside from these specs, Lenovo Moto X4 was hailed for being IP68 water-resistance. Under this condition, you can actually take great photos of water. What makes the phone unique is that Moto X4 is part of the Android One Program.

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