Nexus 5X, the Google’s innovative smartphone has yet to prove that it is one of the most reliable phones on the market. Nexus 5X has earned good reviews despite the news that the smartphone was stuck in a boot loop.



To stem the tide of controversy hounding the Google Nexus 5X, the company has offered owners replacements. But when the replacements ran out, the search giant offered frustrated owners credits. But this strategy seems to be abandoned anytime soon.


Why? Because Google is planning to give owners a new innovative smartphone. The search giant is offering those affected customers with Lenovo Moto X4. However, the company clarified that only those customers who subscribed to Google Project F. Also, this offering won’t come cheap because customers are to pay a certain fee for device protection amounting to $69.


Lenovo Moto X4 specs and features


Smartphone enthusiasts described the Lenovo Moto X4 as “pretty nice” compared to Google’s Nexus 5X. While the Nexus 5X had utilized a flagship chip when it was released publicly, Qualcomm’s midrange chips are said to be more powerful when compared to Nexus 5X.


What’s inside the Lenovo Moto X4 is Qualcomm Snapdragon 630. The chip is considered to be like midrange chips. The phone comes with various storage capacity: 3GB or 4GB of RAM, and 32GB or 64GB of storage.


Aside from these specs, Lenovo Moto X4 was hailed for being IP68 water-resistance. Under this condition, you can actually take great photos of water. What makes the phone unique is that Moto X4 is part of the Android One Program.