Why Lithium is a Critical Raw Material for Technology


Technology is advancing rapidly each year, providing new ways to connect, medical advancements, and other amazing discoveries. Because technology is advancing so quickly, materials are needed to accommodate and build this technology.

Lithium is one of the main raw materials used for technology.


Many people today have smartphones and use them to not only make calls and texts but also to research, complete work assignments, surf the internet, play games, arrange transportation, make purchases, and many other things. Because so many people’s daily tasks are connected to their phones, these devices are incredibly important to have working properly.

One of the main concerns with smartphones now is that they can run out of battery quickly and die, especially if you are using multiple apps. With lithium-ion batteries, however, your phone could potentially hold a charge for up to five whole days. This would help people do what they need to on their phones without having to worry about them running out of battery throughout the day.

Electric Cars

Lithium is also essential to manufacturing electric cars. Electric cars are becoming more common, which can easily be discerned by the increasing number of charging stalls in malls and parking garages. Electric cars have been growing in popularity because of how sustainable they are.

One’s carbon footprint can be greatly reduced by switching to an electric car with far fewer toxic emissions. Another benefit of owning an electric car is how much money can be saved by not paying for gas. Nearly all cars sold by 2040 will be electric.


When manufacturing technological items, it is important to be using safe materials, especially if people will be in close contact with this technology daily. Lithium batteries are some of the safer materials to use in technology because they often come with integrated safety mechanisms. Engineers are constantly thinking of modifications to lithium batteries to make them safer and easier to use.

In the past, there have been some concerns about the dangers associated with lithium batteries. Many of these dangers have been greatly reduced, but you should still make sure to look into the manufacturing and materials of different technological gadgets or things that you buy. Lithium is a material with great potential because it can store a lot of energy in small amounts of materials. Therefore, technological gadgets can be sleek, portable, and long-lasting if made with lithium.

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