What You Need to Do Before Releasing New Software

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When you are working in the tech industry, it can feel like you are always at the cutting edge, doing things that have never been done before. And while this may be true for the work that you do with your software, doing things faster, more efficiently, and smarter than ever before, business itself has remained almost the same for thousands of years. This means that there is plenty to learn to make sure that your software is going to be successful. Here are three things that you need to do before releasing new software.

Make Sure it Fits the Market

The first thing that you need to do before releasing new software is to make sure that it fits the market. Just like with any other product or service that you would offer as a business; you need to make sure that there is a market for what you are selling. Your software should be solving a need or want of your clients and customers, and constantly finding ways to solve more problems and solve them better than competitors. Do your research and see what the world really needs from your software.

Work Out the Bugs

Another crucial step you need to take before releasing new software is to work out the bugs. Just like every other product or service, software needs to be functional and working in order to be successful. All software needs quality assurance testing to make sure it’s ready to go to market. If your software is buggy, crashes often, or doesn’t work the way it is supposed, then your customers are going to be angry. It can ruin your businesses reputation and drive your clientele right into the arms of your competition. Always work out the bugs before releasing.

Let Customers Know

The final thing that you need to do before releasing new software is to let your customers know that something new is coming. While it may work occasionally to surprise the world with a software announcement only once it is ready to roll out, it is typically better to announce your launch at least a few weeks or months in advance. This will help you gauge support or interest in your new software as well as getting feedback on improvements before launch.

Releasing new software as a business is always an exciting and stressful time. Launch is such an important time that it can be a worrisome feeling like you are leaving something out. Go through this list and make sure that you have done these three things for a great software release.

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