How to Prevent Your Business from Falling to Cybersecurity Threats


Most businesses have a large amount of information stored on computers and networks, especially now when so many more people are working from home. While utilizing technology can make your business run more smoothly, it also presents an opportunity for cybersecurity threats. To prevent cybersecurity threats, you can prevent unauthorized access, secure your networks, and require staff training.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized access is gaining access to data, networks, devices, etc. without permission from the organization. Unauthorized access can be caused when authentication measures are broken, passwords are weak and easily guessed, compromised accounts, insider threats, among others. This can lead to your data being stolen or destroyed, your assets being stolen, identities being stolen, your systems being used for criminal purposes, sabotage, or physical damage. To prevent this, have strong passwords, two-factor authentication, monitor user activity, and employ endpoint security.

Secure Your Networks

Your networks need to be secure to ensure it is not accessible by just anyone. Utilizing a firewall can help to protect your network. A firewall is a software that forms a wall between your information and anyone else who tries to access it. Computer operating systems have these already built in. You can also utilize one on your internet. A router can protect information with a basic firewall. You can also secure your network by making them password protected. You need to ensure that the password you choose is secure, meaning that it is not easily hacked into. These passwords are generally longer and more complex utilizing numbers and character.

Staff Training

Cyberattacks can come from a variety of sources, but a major way your business can be threatened is from emails sent to staff. A cyberthreat can be disguised as a legitimate organization and can look very real, especially to an untrained eye. You should train your staff to recognize cybersecurity threats. Provide training for them where they are given knowledge on what potential cyber-attacks look like. They need to know to check links before clicking, check who has sent an email, be careful when sending sensitive information, and to check over the phone if they are unsure.

Protecting your business information is very important. Your business is susceptible to cybersecurity threats and so you must take all necessary precautions. To prevent your business from failing to cybersecurity threats you should prevent unauthorized access, secure your networks, and require staff training.

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