How to Make Your Business Carbon Neutral


For your business to be carbon neutral would mean that you have no net carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. This means reducing emissions while also doing what you can to make a positive impact. Making your business carbon neutral is what your business can do to help fight climate change.

Pay Attention to Your Supply Chain

A step to making your business carbon neutral is to pay attention to your supply chain. Supply chains account for 80% greenhouse gas emissions. Supply chains differ from business to business, so you must analyze your business supply chain carefully to get an accurate view of your carbon footprint. You can help your supply chain be more efficient by utilizing space. So many shipping containers are mostly empty. You can better utilize space by making sure your product packaging is right for your product and doesn’t add to wasted space. By using better packaging materials, you can also help lower your footprint. Sustainable packaging needs to also be durable enough to prevent damage and cause further issues.

Adopt Renewable energy

Renewable energy can do two things for your business. First, it will help make your business more carbon neutral. Second, it can help you save money. One source of renewable energy that is easy to adopt is installing solar panels. Solar panels can be utilized to run the business instead of taking power from the grid. By using solar you can dramatically decrease your carbon footprint. Solar removes about 10,000 pounds of CO2 from the air each year. It also will save your business money because the solar panels will cover most, if not all your energy needs.

Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets help to reduce greenhouse gasses and reduce your carbon footprint. A carbon offset is a reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions. These are investments in projects that actively reduce these emissions. These products can capture greenhouse gasses or produce energy. These could be projects at a landfill to prevent methane gas from entering the atmosphere, wind power, or a project to promote healthy growth of forests.

Your business can play an active role in helping fight climate change. Taking steps to make your business carbon neutral is key. You first need to be aware of the impact of your business so you can make improvements. You can improve your supply chain, adopt renewable energy, and purchase carbon offsets.

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